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Daniel Gervais Archives

Q&A with Engineering’s Cynthia B. Paschal, Vanderbilt’s next university marshal

Jun. 6, 2018—The School of Engineering's Cynthia B. Paschal has been appointed as the next university marshal, and she answered five questions about her new role.

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Celebration honors 11 new endowed chair holders

Dec. 5, 2017—Eleven Vanderbilt University faculty members named to endowed chairs were recognized for their outstanding scholarship and research during a celebration at the Student Life Center Nov. 29.

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Copyright system needs to be replaced: Vanderbilt professor

Apr. 20, 2017—The whole system governing copyrights should be revamped, says Vanderbilt law professor Daniel Gervais

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Four new faculty heads join The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons

Apr. 13, 2016—First-year students will not be the only new faces at The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons this fall. Four new faculty heads of house have signed on to live in the first-year student community and help further its mission of easing the transition to university life and extending learning outside the classroom.

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Vanderbilt’s W.T. Bandy Center new home for Verlaine Collection

Apr. 11, 2016—An extraordinary collection of works by and about Paul Verlaine, one of France's most celebrated poets of the late 19th century, has been acquired by Vanderbilt University's W.T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and French Studies.

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Making the ‘where’ as important as the ‘what’ in brand identity

May. 4, 2015—Vanderbilt law professor Daniel Gervais will work with negotiators in Switzerland to reach an agreement on protecting the geographic identifiers of products such as champagne.

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Gottfried stepping down as Commencement’s university faculty marshal

Apr. 3, 2015—Professor of English Roy Gottfried is stepping down as Vanderbilt's faculty marshal after many years of service at Commencement.

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Gervais speaks at International Council of Creators of Music gathering

Oct. 22, 2014—American songwriters face a much different legal landscape than their peers elsewhere when it comes protecting their rights under copyright laws, Vanderbilt law professor Daniel Gervais told a gathering of songwriters and composers at Loew’s Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel.

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Global panel to discuss copyright law at Vanderbilt

Oct. 21, 2014—There will be a forum on copyright law Oct. 24 in Flynn Auditorium at Vanderbilt Law School.

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Copyright Act needs updating, Vanderbilt law professor testifies before Congress

May. 16, 2013—Daniel Gervais of Vanderbilt Law School told Congress that the copyright system of the United States requires “a comprehensive review and modernization" during testimony May 16.

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Vanderbilt’s Gervais named to Academy of Europe

Oct. 4, 2012—The Academy of Europe has elected Daniel Gervais of Vanderbilt Law School as its second member from Vanderbilt.

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Vanderbilt professors available to talk about upcoming Supreme Court decisions

Mar. 21, 2012—The U.S. Supreme Court will make decisions on a number of hotly debated cases this term, and a diverse group of Vanderbilt University experts is available to give their opinions about those cases.

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