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Author: Amy Wolf

Leaders to brainstorm the future of ‘medical banking’

Jun. 14, 2010—As many people know, some of the biggest “pains” in health care have nothing to do with treatment and everything to do with the confusion surrounding paying for care. HIMSS Medical Banking Project is an organization that creates innovative ideas and partnerships to help make “medical banking” easier and more effective for health care organizations, financial institutions and patients.

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Graduating seniors help with flood clean up

Jun. 13, 2010—It’s the worst flood to hit Nashville in centuries. More than 11,000 homes and buildings were damaged and hundreds of staff, faculty and students impacted. Our VUCast crew went out with students who spend the last days of the school year helping those in need.

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Vanderbilt Accelerator students help expand Oasis Center from a ‘place’ to a ‘movement’

Jun. 9, 2010—The Oasis Center is making a powerful difference in and around Nashville by helping young people overcome serious challenges that prevent them from transitioning into a healthy adulthood. Some of these obstacles include homelessness, violence, depression and failing schools.

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Oasis Center director of consulting awarded full tuition to Vanderbilt’s Executive MBA program

Jun. 7, 2010—Anderson Williams, director of consulting for the Oasis Center, a Nashville-based nonprofit dedicated to helping young people in need, is this year’s recipient of a full tuition sponsorship to the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management Executive MBA program. The award is financed by the Owen School and a winner is chosen through a partnership with the Center for Nonprofit Management.

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Students help to promote ‘green’ luxury

Jun. 4, 2010—Luxury and the Lexus brand go hand in hand. But now the car company has created a new hybrid vehicle that is more fuel-efficient, lighter and leaner.

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Putting power in artists’ hands by protecting creative property

Jun. 2, 2010—When an artist pens a song or takes a one-of-a-kind photograph, protecting his or her creative property is essential, but not always easy. MyWerx, a new Nashville-based firm, wants to simplify the intellectual property process with the help of a new software product. Now they’re turning to students from the Vanderbilt Accelerator Summer Business Institute to create a viral marketing strategy to help artists learn about their new product.

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