Vanderbilt has happiest students again, according to 2017 ‘Princeton Review’ best colleges rankings

Vanderbilt University is back on top, ranked No. 1 with the happiest college students in the nation by the Princeton Review. Vanderbilt also held the top spot for happy students in 2014 and 2015, and came in second in 2016.

Vanderbilt ranked highly this year in several categories, including:

No. 1: Happiest Students

No. 2: Great Financial Aid

No. 2: Best Quality of Life

No. 5: Best-Run Colleges

No. 5: Beautiful Campus

No. 6: College City Students Love

No. 6: Campus/City Relations are Great

No. 8: Students Love These Colleges

No. 14: Best Campus Food

No. 14: Best College Dorms

No. 16: Best Athletic Facilities

For its latest annual survey, the Princeton Review asked nearly 140,000 students at 382 top colleges and universities to rate their schools in 62 areas and report on their campus experiences. The results are published in The Best 382 Colleges – 2018 Edition out Aug. 1, as well as on the Princeton Review website.