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Work/Life Connections-EAP

Get help with the holiday blues from Vanderbilt EAP, benefit providers

Nov. 16, 2016—The holidays can be a difficult time, but VU’s benefit providers and Work/Life Connections-EAP, also known as the Employee Assistance Program, can help.

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Coping with reactions to the 2016 election

Nov. 15, 2016—Reactions to the 2016 election process and its outcome cover a broad range of opinions, thoughts and emotions. The following tips may help reduce stress and allow you to clear space in order to address your own response to recent events.

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Coping with the psychological effects of recent violence in the news

Oct. 5, 2016—Vanderbilt Work/Life Connections psychologist Chad Buck offers suggestions for coping when social media and news coverage of shootings, bombings, protests, sexual assaults and other events becomes graphic and intense.

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Women’s Center Work-Life Workshops: ‘Building Stress Resilience’ Sept. 29

Sep. 14, 2016—Jim Kendall, manager of Work/Life Connections-EAP, will present "Building Stress Resilience" Thursday, Sept. 29, in Sarratt Student Center, Room 363. The workshop will begin at noon, and lunch will be provided.

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September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Sep. 7, 2016—National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month was created with the goal of educating the public on how to identify those who are struggling, how to talk about suicide without increasing the risk of harm, and how to provide information on available community resources.

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Rounds: A message from the President and CEO of VUMC

Jul. 21, 2016—Acts of horrific violence surrounding issues of race, religion, and sexual orientation seem to be happening weekly. How are we, as a medical center and as individuals, experiencing these events?

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Learn about establishing effective personal boundaries

Apr. 13, 2016—Dr. Chad Buck, a clinical psychologist at Vanderbilt’s Work-Life Connections-Employee Assistance Program, was featured in an article on "Huffington Post" on the benefits of setting personal boundaries.

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Get resources for improving your financial health

Feb. 10, 2016—Along with physical and emotional health, financial health is a significant component of overall well-being. The counselors at Work/Life Connections–EAP do not offer financial counseling or advice, but they can direct you to available resources to assist you in improving your financial health.

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Vanderbilt pre-K class makes donation to Hardship Fund

Jan. 27, 2016—The Shooting Stars, a pre-K class at the Vanderbilt Child and Family Center’s Edgehill child care location, presented a donation to Work/Life Connections–Employee Assistance Program manager Jim Kendall on Wednesday.

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Let Vanderbilt help with holiday stress

Dec. 4, 2015—Did you know that as a Vanderbilt employee, you have access to several programs to assist with stress and depression during the holidays or anytime at no cost?

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Try these apps to keep daily anxiety away

Dec. 3, 2015—Technology is now available to help people manage anxiety and prevent it from building up into a more serious condition.

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November is Gratitude Awareness Month

Nov. 17, 2015—In observance of Gratitude Awareness Month, Work/Life Connections–EAP invites you to complete a brief survey to share the things for which you are grateful.

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