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Work/Life Connections-EAP

Work/Life Connections–EAP recommends annual depression checkup

Sep. 27, 2017—Oct. 5 is National Depression Screening Day, which serves as a reminder that clinical depression is a common medical illness affecting more than 20 million American adults each year. Like screenings for other illnesses, depression screenings should be a routine part of health care.

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What do I say when someone is talking about suicide?

Sep. 6, 2017—National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month was created to educate the public about how to identify people who may be suicidal, how to talk about suicide, and how to locate information on available community resources.

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What do I say when someone is grieving?

Jul. 19, 2017—Have you ever experienced a situation where you were not sure what to say? Do you worry about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time? Work/Life Connections–EAP clinicians have created an ongoing series of articles aimed at helping employees find the words to express empathy, concern and support when confronted with various life and workplace situations.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May. 2, 2017—The month of May has been designated as Mental Health Month. The aim of Mental Health Month is to educate the public about the realities of mental health conditions and to reduce stigma around seeking support or identifying as a person with a mental health concern.

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Chancellor discusses ‘GO THERE’ initiative for Work/Life Connections wellcast

May. 1, 2017—Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos discusses "GO THERE," a campuswide campaign to promote mental health and well-being at Vanderbilt, in part one of two in the latest Work/Life Connections wellcast.

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WLC-EAP offers mindfulness videos for employees

Mar. 31, 2017—Work/Life Connections–EAP has produced a series of videos about mindfulness as a stress-reducer, featuring Linda Manning of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt.

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Information and resources about eating disorders available to employees

Feb. 24, 2017—Information and resources about eating disorders are available to Vanderbilt employees through the Work/Life Connections-Employee Assistance Program.

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Be sure to practice self-care during stressful times

Feb. 1, 2017—Learning to practice self-care can be a difficult process, but it is becoming a necessity for dealing with constant coverage of world events, work demands, and the needs of family and loved ones.

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Health Plus: Follow these 10 tips for a healthier 2017

Jan. 4, 2017—There is no one food, drink, pill, machine or program that is the key to achieving optimal health. A person’s overall daily routine is what is most important. Consider the Health Plus top 10 actions for working toward a healthier you in 2017.

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Health & Wellness services for faculty and staff available during holidays

Dec. 14, 2016—Health & Wellness services—the Occupational Health Clinic, Work/Life Connections–EAP, and Health Plus—will be open over the holidays for Vanderbilt faculty and staff during adjusted hours of operation.

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10 healthier ways to manage holiday stress

Dec. 7, 2016—The words “holiday” and “stress” do not belong together. A holiday is supposed to be a time when a person gets some distance from day-to-day hassles. The reality is that even positive events can cause stress, and demands or changes in routine are often unavoidable.

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Wellcast: What is EAP, anyway?

Nov. 29, 2016—​Does Work/Life Connections-EAP provide long-term counseling? Who can use the EAP benefit? Hear answers to these questions and more as key features of this Health and Wellness benefit for Vanderbilt employees are discussed.

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