Let Vanderbilt help with holiday stress

The holidays can be a difficult time, but Vanderbilt can help. Did you know that as a Vanderbilt employee, you have access to several programs to assist with stress and depression during the holidays or anytime at no cost?

The basic life insurance provided to fully benefits-eligible Vanderbilt employees includes grief counseling services through Harris, Rothenberg International (HRI) Inc. You, your spouse, your same-sex domestic partner and your children can take advantage of up to five confidential counseling sessions in person or over the phone. Call (855) 609-9989, or visit the HRI website and enter username MetLife and password grief to contact a counselor or get additional information.

Work/Life Connections—EAP (Vanderbilt’s Employee Assistance Program) is another valuable service offered to all Vanderbilt employees. “The EAP is like a travel agent for psychological resources,” says manager Jim Kendall. “Our goal is to support Vanderbilt employees and connect them to the most appropriate resources for what they need.”

The EAP provides confidential, in-person counseling services on solution-focused counseling, psychological first aid and crisis management while also offering performance coaching, consultations regarding stress in the workplace, and workshops.

The EAP also provides a wealth of online information, including:

Visit the EAP website, or call (615) 936-1327 to make a confidential appointment.