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VU Theatre performs the Bard’s romantic comedy ‘Twelfth Night’

Feb. 13, 2019—Vanderbilt University Theatre opens "Twelfth Night", a Shakespearean comedy with themes of love and loss, gender roles, double identities and more, Feb. 15 at Neely Auditorium.

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Gender and labor are central themes of VU Theatre spring production

Apr. 4, 2018—VU Theatre will close its 2017-18 season with "Mrs. Warren's Profession," a late Victorian-era play by George Bernard Shaw that remains very relevant on issues related to gender and labor.

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‘Lady Macbeth and Her Pal, Megan’ performed Feb. 28

Feb. 23, 2018—Comedian Megan Gogerty is having a midlife crisis. When a friend suggests that she - a sunny, nerdy, cornfed comic - can’t play Lady Macbeth, that tragic figure of darkness and power, Megan launches on a quest to prove otherwise, only to discover Lady M isn’t all that she’s cracked up to be.

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‘You Are My Sunshine’ at Neely Auditorium Feb. 27

Feb. 23, 2018—Terry Galloway spent years living in silence until technology, in the form of a cochlear implant, caught up with her. "You Are My Sunshine" is Terry's comic, sometimes moving, sometimes profane, exploration of what happened after she literally regained her senses.

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Love and changing gender roles explored in VU Theatre production

Feb. 14, 2018—'Orlando,' an adaptation of a novel by Virginia Woolf that explores love and changing gender roles, will be performed by Vanderbilt University Theatre Feb. 16–24 at Neely Auditorium.

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VU Theatre performs alumnus’ adaptation of absurdist comedy

Nov. 1, 2017—VU Theatre performs a modern adaptation of the 1920s Italian comedy "Six Characters in Search of an Author"—with five students playing slightly tweaked versions of themselves—Nov. 3-11.

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VU Inside: Mr. Commodore’s makeover

Aug. 30, 2017—When it comes to getting a stellar makeover, Mr. Commodore goes straight to Vanderbilt fashion design professor Alexandra Sargent-Capps.

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VUTheatre’s ‘Vanderbilt Cabaret’ challenges gender expectations

Apr. 4, 2017—VUTheatre presents 'Vanderbilt Cabaret: Gender Play,' an original variety show inspired by early 20th-century European cabaret culture, April 13–15.

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VU Theatre performs absurdist comedy ‘GNIT’

Feb. 22, 2017—VU Theatre will perform "GNIT," an absurdist comedy partly based on Henrick Ibsen's "Peer Gynt," through Friday, Feb. 24, at Neely Auditorium.

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VUTheatre performs ‘Othello’ with street art twist

Sep. 30, 2016—The powerful Shakespearean drama 'Othello' launches VUTheatre's 2016–17 season with original music by Fred Coe artist-in-residence Paul Carrol Binkley.

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Class of 2016: Connor D. Henderson advocates for human rights and the arts

May. 4, 2016—In his four years at Vanderbilt, Connor D. Henderson has become a strong advocate for expanded campus space and resources for student productions. Some of his favorite memories are of cultural showcases by the Vanderbilt performing arts community filled with music, dance and food.

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Original works by VU Theatre students to be performed April 21-23

Apr. 19, 2016—Vanderbilt University Theatre students will perform three original shows including an honors project by award-winning playwright Nick Mecikalski April 21-23 at Neely Auditorium.

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