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Career Center

How to Network: Advice from Katharine Brooks

Nov. 20, 2016—Networking opportunities at Vanderbilt alumni chapter events, along with untold numbers of holiday parties, are right around the corner, so Vanderbilt Magazine reached out to Katharine Brooks, the Evans Family Executive Director of Vanderbilt’s Career Center, for some tips about how to work a cocktail-party crowd.

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Center for Student Professional Development offers new take on the traditional career center

May. 6, 2013—Last year Vanderbilt’s career center changed its name—but the transformation went well beyond a new sign over the door.

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What’s your story? Vanderbilt mobile video booth collects and shares personal stories

Nov. 6, 2012—Vanderbilt University and the Vanderbilt Curb Creative Campus Initiative have launched a highly customizable mobile video booth designed to collect and share real-time, authentic stories and voices.

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