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Harsh immigration rhetoric pushes Latinos away: Survey

Mar. 4, 2016—When Latinos hear tough talk about immigrants and immigration from politicians, their level of political trust is reduced and they start identifying more with their ethnic group than other qualities such as class or religion.

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Law school to host conference with top minds in artificial intelligence

Mar. 1, 2016—Vanderbilt Law School will host a conference on the role of artificial intelligence in the legal profession April 13-14.

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Graduate students compete in fourth annual Three Minute Thesis competition

Mar. 1, 2016—Vanderbilt graduate students demonstrated that they can summarize their 80,000-word theses in less than three minutes using terms that members of the public can understand during this year's Three Minute Thesis competition.

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Research project measuring congressional effectiveness to expand with $200,000 grant

Feb. 22, 2016—A database measuring the effectiveness of the House of Representatives will be expanded to the Senate, with the help of a $200,000 grant

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Price determines whether calorie information sways consumer choices

Feb. 9, 2016—The perception of a good deal can lead consumers down an unhealthy path, according to a study from a Vanderbilt business school professor.

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Congress in danger of losing relevancy as presidents work around it

Jan. 28, 2016—By obstructing most legislation President Obama sends its way, Congress has weakened rather than exercised its power, says a Vanderbilt University political expert.

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Why politicians won’t reach across the aisle

Jan. 11, 2016—Bad feelings about each other rather than competing ideologies keep Republicans and Democrats from encouraging their representatives to compromise and get things done, say the authors of a new book about why Washington won’t work.

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Vanderbilt professor sees another constitutional problem with the Texas admissions plan

Dec. 11, 2015—A Vanderbilt Law School professor says there is a second constitutional battle brewing in the Fisher v. UT-Austin Supreme Court case regarding the use of race in college admissions.

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Vanderbilt Poll-Tennessee: Immigration issue indicative of growing divide between mainstream Republicans, Tea Party

Dec. 4, 2015—The new Vanderbilt Poll finds that Tennessee voters are getting more interested in immigration and strongly support freedom of religion, Muslims included.

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Renegade states redefining stodgy trust fund, saving millions for the very rich

Dec. 1, 2015—A handful of opportunistic states are luring banking business to their economies with relaxed trust fund rules more favorable and flexible for wealthy customers seeking to safeguard their assets for future generations.

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Vanderbilt launches new master of marketing degree program

Nov. 16, 2015—A new one-year program helps students develop skills in areas such as digital marketing and consumer analytics.

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How can hospitals be as safe as aircraft carriers?

Nov. 13, 2015—A new study from Owen Graduate School of Management examines how hospitals can apply the principles of highly reliable organizations to reduce errors and improve patient care.

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