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Trump has sizable and stable lead in Tennessee: Vanderbilt Poll

Oct. 6, 2016—Barring a "cataclysmic event," Tennessee voters will pick Donald Trump to be the next president on Election Day, according to the new Vanderbilt Poll.

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New faculty: Sharece Thrower examines how U.S. presidents exercise, expand power

Oct. 5, 2016—There’s one thing we already know about the chief executive who will follow President Obama into the White House, according to Sharece Thrower, Vanderbilt’s newest presidential scholar. “With every president, there’s been an accumulation of a little bit more power,” she said.

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Expert explains the power of implicit bias

Sep. 29, 2016—Biases that people hold below the surface are influencing how they view this electoral season, as well as major political issues. Efrén Pérez is an expert and wrote a book on the topic.

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Vanderbilt study debunks “phantom liquidity” problem caused by high-frequency traders

Jul. 27, 2016—Despite calls to curtail high-frequency trades, researchers find indications that the practice helps lower costs for traders.

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‘Dark pools’ threaten market governance of financial markets

Jul. 14, 2016—The major stock exchanges need new methods of regulation because of "dark pools," trading platforms that allow trades to remain private for a short while, says Vanderbilt finance expert Yesha Yadav.

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Can you handle the truth about democracy?

Jun. 22, 2016—Election outcomes depend far less on voters' opinions on policy and the incumbents than we thought. What does matter? Weather.

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Massive database shows state judges are not representative of the people they serve

Jun. 22, 2016—Forty-one states earn a "D" or "F" when it comes to how well their courts reflect the race, ethnicity and gender of the people they serve.

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How to get the most from Millennial and Generation Z employees

Jun. 21, 2016—Millennials have emerged as the largest age cohort in today’s U.S. workforce, bringing digital savvy and an "always-on" mentality to most jobs. Yet, millennials and the upcoming Generation Z are also challenging traditional employers with their professional restlessness and increased need for feedback and mentoring.

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VUMC part of national effort to improve genomic science laws, regulations

Jun. 16, 2016—Experts in medicine and the law at the University of Minnesota and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) are leading a national effort to analyze and recommend improvements in genomic law.

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Hetherington, Mo win American Political Science Association awards

May. 27, 2016—Marc Hetherington and Cecelia Mo will collect prestigious awards in September for their research in political science.

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Trump’s ethnocentrism will bring voters to the polls, pro and con

May. 26, 2016—Ethnocentrism, a term explained in a 2009 book by Vanderbilt's Cindy Kam, is showing up in a major way as a driver in the campaign of Donald Trump.

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For women re-entering workforce, sharing personal information may get you hired

May. 19, 2016—New first-of-its-kind research from two Vanderbilt Law School economists contradicts conventional wisdom and finds a female applicant strongly raises her chances of getting hired if she gives personal information clarifying her resume gaps.

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