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Sexism rules in the ballot booth unless voters have more information

Nov. 9, 2015—Female candidates have to be more qualified than their male opponents to prevail in an election because many people don’t see women as leaders, according to research that reveals hidden bias that can emerge in the voting booth.

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Gays face continued discrimination in Jamaica: LAPOP

Oct. 21, 2015—Jamaicans overwhelmingly disapprove of gay citizens running for political office, even more than they disapprove of regime critics doing so.

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New faculty: Joe Fishman studies law at the intersection of entertainment, technology

Oct. 20, 2015—Intellectual property law is undergoing enormous shifts, with the creative community and attorneys striving to catch up to the digital revolution. New Assistant Professor of Law Joe Fishman says this "keeps things exciting and fresh.”

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Vanderbilt Poll-Nashville: Newly elected leadership must find balance between social services, continued economic development

Oct. 13, 2015—Nearly three-quarters of Nashville residents are optimistic about the state of the city, but significant differences of opinion exist, primarily along income--rather than racial--lines.

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New faculty: Ben Munyan examines the growing field of ‘shadow banking’

Oct. 7, 2015—Once a math and science prodigy, Ben Munyan can now be found in his Owen Graduate School of Management office writing computer code mapping U.S. Treasury data to bank and investor activity.

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Law and neuroscience research gets $1.4 million in additional grant money

Sep. 14, 2015—A $1.4 million grant will allow a research network based at Vanderbilt to continue its study of the intersection of neuroscience and criminal justice.

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Study: Consumers will covet control after terrorism strikes

Sep. 10, 2015—If terror strikes increase in the United States, some consumers will keep buying as they always have, but others will withdraw from certain markets to minimize their risk. “The key issue we’ve identified is, ‘Do you feel like you can control the odds of becoming a victim, should a terrorist attack occur?’” said Steven S. Posavac.

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Those who dwell on their past might be doomed to repeat their mistakes

Sep. 10, 2015—New research shows that focusing on past behaviors is not always the best strategy to avoid repeating mistakes.

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Study: Raises for elected representatives could lead to better representation

Aug. 4, 2015—Paying elected representatives more in salary and benefits may make them more responsive to voters, according to a new study co-authored by Vanderbilt's Cecilia Mo.

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Vanderbilt researcher: It’s time for civil service reform

Jul. 16, 2015—An extensive new survey of federal executives led by Vanderbilt's David E. Lewis has resulted in suggestions on how the civil service system can be improved.

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Vanderbilt same-sex marriage Supreme Court Twitter Q&A set for June 22

Jun. 18, 2015—Vanderbilt University will host a live Twitter question-and-answer session about the Supreme Court and same-sex marriage from 1 to 2 p.m. Monday, June 22, featuring Brian Fitzpatrick, FedEx Research Professor of Law at Vanderbilt Law School.

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Wiseman book on legislative effectiveness wins award

Jun. 15, 2015—The American Political Science Association announced it will award a prestigious honor to a book on Congress co-written by Vanderbilt's Alan Wiseman.

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