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Free trade deals favored in Ecuador: LAPOP

May. 26, 2015—More than half the population of Ecuador believe that free trade agreements are a good thing for the country, according to a LAPOP study from Vanderbilt.

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The full General Assembly should vote on Insure Tennessee: Vanderbilt Poll

May. 13, 2015—Results of the latest Vanderbilt Poll have been released, and they show that Tennesseans are very supportive of Insure Tennessee.

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MEDIA ADVISORY: New Vanderbilt Poll results to be discussed May 13 at Vanderbilt

May. 6, 2015—Results from the new Vanderbilt Poll will be discussed at a news conference May 13 in the Student Life Center.

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Making the ‘where’ as important as the ‘what’ in brand identity

May. 4, 2015—Vanderbilt law professor Daniel Gervais will work with negotiators in Switzerland to reach an agreement on protecting the geographic identifiers of products such as champagne.

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Larry Bartels of Vanderbilt named Andrew Carnegie Fellow

Apr. 22, 2015—Larry Bartels of political science is one of 32 Andrew Carnegie Fellows selected to spend a year on leave researching and writing.

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Human trafficking researcher can comment on bipartisan bill

Apr. 21, 2015—Human trafficking expert Cecilia Hyunjung Mo is optimistic about the progress being made on a bipartisan bill to fight human trafficking. But she says additional steps must be taken by lawmakers, companies and consumers.

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Op-ed: Americans with payday loans spent or saved their tax rebates, rather than using it to pay off debt

Apr. 15, 2015—In the London School of Economics blog, Paige Marta Skiba writes that most people with outstanding payday loan debt spent or saved a tax rebate instead of using it to pay off debt.

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Vanderbilt expert can speak about police ‘testilying’

Apr. 8, 2015—A shooting in South Carolina illustrates how recording technology is changing the fallout of some police-suspect interactions.

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Vanderbilt expert: Corker taking judicious approach toward Iran

Apr. 8, 2015—Media Note: Vanderbilt has a 24/7 TV and radio studio. The studio is free for Vanderbilt experts, other than reserving fiber time. More information » U.S. Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee is working to protect congressional prerogative on any nuclear agreement with Iran while avoiding the grandstanding tactics of some of his Senate colleagues, a...

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Nashville’s first political ad war is coming

Apr. 7, 2015—Television viewers in Nashville will soon witness the first serious political ad war for the top Metro job, says Vanderbilt political scientist John Geer.

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Expert: Stop complaining about the moral decline of Western society

Apr. 3, 2015—Morality is not declining in the modern world, says Edward Rubin, University Professor of Law and Political Science, in a new book. Instead, a new morality is replacing the previous one.

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Uruguayans skeptical as government takes control of marijuana market

Mar. 31, 2015—Nearly 60 percent of Uruguayans disapprove of their governments move to take over the marijuana market, according to a LAPOP survey.

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