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Venezuelans down on president, tolerant of his detractors

Mar. 3, 2015—A poll taken by the Latin American Opinion Project at Vanderbilt University has bad news for Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro.

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Supreme Court ruling makes licensing boards vulnerable to antitrust suits

Feb. 27, 2015—Vanderbilt law professor Rebecca Haw Allensworth says a recent Supreme Court decision leaves states three options to stave off antitrust lawsuits.

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Legal expert explains how Supreme Court should rule in Affordable Care Act suit

Feb. 23, 2015—The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear a lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Vanderbilt University legal expert James Blumstein says the true issue surrounding the King v. Burwell case is separation of powers.

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Polarization over president high in Argentina: LAPOP

Feb. 18, 2015—A poll by the Latin American Opinion Project shows that Argentines have responded to the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman with anger and resignation.

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Support rising for gay unions in Tennessee: Vanderbilt Poll

Feb. 6, 2015—John Geer and Josh Clinton presented data from the Vanderbilt Poll to reporters at The Associated Press' legislative planning session on Feb 5.

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Innovation program begins at Vanderbilt Law School

Feb. 4, 2015—The Program on Law and Innovation at Vanderbilt Law School has been started to prepare students for 21st-century legal practice.

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Super Bowl advertising: Vanderbilt marketing experts available

Jan. 29, 2015—Everyone knows that the second biggest competition on Super Bowl Sunday is the battle over advertising. Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management experts are available to talk about trends in Super Bowl advertising.

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Vanderbilt social entrepreneurs to compete for $1M prize

Jan. 26, 2015—A team of Vanderbilt students will compete in a challenge to find improve education opportunities for young children in urban slums.

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Study: Bad middle managers are just a reflection of their bosses

Jan. 26, 2015—Keeping middle managers happy with their supervisors is the key to retaining the lower-level workers they manage and avoiding expensive turnover costs, according to a Vanderbilt University study.

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Vanderbilt researchers call for more transparency with passive investing revenue

Jan. 23, 2015—Many investment companies earn revenue through securities lending without necessarily looping in the customers whose money is used to fund the investments, Vanderbilt researchers say.

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State of the Union address – Vanderbilt experts available

Jan. 19, 2015—President Obama is set to talk to the nation on Jan. 20 for his State of the Union address. Vanderbilt has an array of experts available to comment.

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Op-ed: United States must support Japan in dispute with China

Jan. 2, 2015—Klint Alexander, senior lecturer in political science and law, writes the re-election of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may be one of the most important developments in U.S.-Japan relations since the end of the Second World War.

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