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State of the Union address – Vanderbilt experts available

Jan. 19, 2015—President Obama is set to talk to the nation on Jan. 20 for his State of the Union address. Vanderbilt has an array of experts available to comment.

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Op-ed: United States must support Japan in dispute with China

Jan. 2, 2015—Klint Alexander, senior lecturer in political science and law, writes the re-election of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may be one of the most important developments in U.S.-Japan relations since the end of the Second World War.

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Vanderbilt expert: U.S. normalization of relations with Cuba ‘hugely important, long overdue’

Dec. 18, 2014—The breakthrough in Cuban-United States relations is important and overdue, says historian Jane Landers of Vanderbilt.

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Investors deserve earlier notification of corporate audit fees

Dec. 18, 2014—A Vanderbilt accounting professor says auditing fees should be released much earlier to help investors.

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Op-ed: An online ‘erasure service’ for California minors – but can it work?

Dec. 16, 2014—Human nature itself can undermine privacy laws that seek to balance the government’s interests in surveillance and protecting the country against terrorism with a citizen’s right to be left alone, argues Lydia Jones, adjunct professor of law.

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Vanderbilt Poll: Voters continue to want Medicaid expansion in Tennessee

Dec. 3, 2014—Results of the latest Vanderbilt Poll are in and show that Gov. Bill Haslam is enjoying a 70 percent popularity rate in Tennessee.

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Vanderbilt’s LAPOP survey provides new insights on insecurities and democracy in the Americas

Nov. 25, 2014—Crime and violence are increasingly worrying citizens in the Americas, according to new data released by Vanderbilt's LAPOP center.

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Vanderbilt Poll to be released Dec. 3 at Vanderbilt news conference

Nov. 24, 2014—The newest Vanderbilt Poll results will be released 11 a.m. Dec 3 at the Student Life Center.

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Entitlement boosts creativity

Nov. 18, 2014—In a new study, entitlement was examined for a positive consequence, and researchers found that stirring entitlement in people stimulates their creativity.

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Regardless of an elite graduate school degree, undergraduate prestige greatly impacts salary

Nov. 13, 2014—People who earn their undergraduate degree from a less prestigious university and a graduate degree from an elite university earn much less than those who attend both an elite undergraduate and graduate school. And it is unlikely their salary will ever catch up.

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Effective lawmakers re-elected to the 114th Congress

Nov. 5, 2014—For the first time, the Legislative Effectiveness Project has tracked whether the most effective lawmakers were re-elected.

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Overweight women lose in the labor market: Vanderbilt study

Oct. 21, 2014—Overweight women are more likely to work in lower-paying and more physically demanding jobs; less likely to get higher-wage, public-facing positions; and make less money compared to men and average-size women.

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