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Author: Jim Patterson

Expert: Anger, insecurity complicate presidential race

Oct. 17, 2016—Believing Donald Trump's only constituency is white working class men is an incorrect assumption.

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Sorting through the political polls: expert

Oct. 13, 2016—A little savvy when it comes to interpreting political polls can be very helpful for members of the public looking for some insight.

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Southern Festival of Books, C-SPAN feature Vanderbilt authors

Oct. 11, 2016—Vanderbilt University again has a strong presence at the Southern Festival of Books, to be held Oct. 14-16.

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Trump has sizable and stable lead in Tennessee: Vanderbilt Poll

Oct. 6, 2016—Barring a "cataclysmic event," Tennessee voters will pick Donald Trump to be the next president on Election Day, according to the new Vanderbilt Poll.

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New faculty: Sharece Thrower examines how U.S. presidents exercise, expand power

Oct. 5, 2016—There’s one thing we already know about the chief executive who will follow President Obama into the White House, according to Sharece Thrower, Vanderbilt’s newest presidential scholar. “With every president, there’s been an accumulation of a little bit more power,” she said.

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University of York professor to deliver second Compton Lecture Oct. 26

Sep. 30, 2016—A speaker series honoring the late Vanderbilt philosopher John Compton will bring the University of York's Catherine Wilson to campus.

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Owen School dean to serve on Mayor Barry’s financial inclusion committee

Sep. 30, 2016—Eric Johnson of Vanderbilt has joined the effort of Nashville's mayor to make the city more financially inclusive.

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Find out Oct. 6 how Clinton and Trump are faring in Tennessee

Sep. 29, 2016—A new Vanderbilt Poll will be released Oct. 6 to show how the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is shaping up in Tennessee.

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Center for Research on Men’s Health opens at Vanderbilt

Sep. 27, 2016—Work has begun at a new universitywide research center with a two-pronged mission to promote men's health and reduce health disparities.

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TIP SHEET: Zechmeister can comment on terrorism and the election

Sep. 23, 2016—Liz Zechmeister of Vanderbilt University is available to comment on the effect of terrorism on the presidential election.

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Sandoz recognized by debate community

Sep. 23, 2016—Vanderbilt's debate team guru, M.L. Sandoz, has been honored for encouraging public debate by students of all ages.

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New rules for science researchers would mark an overdue ethics update

Sep. 16, 2016—New ethical rules for scientists who do experiments involving human beings are about to kick in. It's the first update in more than 40 years.

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