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    Recent Books by Alumni 2023

    Books written by alumni that have recently been published Read More

    Jun 13, 2023

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    Recent Books by Alumni

    Nov 18, 2022

  • Southern Festival of Books 2022

    Vanderbilt faculty, staff, alumni featured at 2022 Southern Festival of Books

    Vanderbilt-related authors will have a strong presence at the 2022 Southern Festival of Books: A Celebration of the Written Word, which takes place at War Memorial Plaza and Nashville Public Library Oct. 14–16. Read More

    Oct 12, 2022

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    Recent Books by Alumni 2022

    Recent books written by alumni of Vanderbilt University Read More

    Mar 11, 2022

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    Scientists write children’s books to share career paths and promote STEM education

    A team of Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt University Medical Center faculty are working together to produce a series of children’s science books aimed at fourth grade–level readers. Read More

    Oct 18, 2021

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    Recent Books by Alumni

    A listing of recent books published by Vanderbilt alumni from the latter part of 2020 to fall 2021. Read More

    Sep 14, 2021

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    Recent Books, Winter 2020

    Qualitative Data Collection Tools: Design, Development, and Applications, (2020, Sage Publishers) by Felice D. Billups, EdD’91 This unique supplementary text will guide students and new researchers to design, develop, pilot and employ qualitative tools in order to collect qualitative data. Templates of interview protocols, focus group moderator guides, content analysis… Read More

    Feb 19, 2020

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    Recent Books, Fall 2019

    Seventh Flag: A Novel (2019, SparkPress) by Sid Balman Jr., BA’80. No place is immune from radicalism, including the small West Texas town of Dell City, where four generations of an iconic American family and a Syrian Muslim family carve a farming empire out of the unforgiving high desert. Their… Read More

    Nov 25, 2019

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    Recent Books, Summer 2019

    Everybody’s Doin’ It: Sex, Music, and Dance in New York, 1840-1917 (2019, W.W. Norton) by Dale Cockrell, professor of musicology, emeritus Everybody’s Doin’ It is the eye-opening story of popular music’s 70-year rise in the brothels, dance halls and dives of New York City. It traces the birth of popular… Read More

    Aug 23, 2019

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    Recent Books, Spring 2019

    The Technology Fallacy: How People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation (2019, MIT Press) by Gerald C. Kane, Anh Nguyen Phillips, Jonathan R. Copulsky and Garth R. Andrus, EdD’88 Digital technologies are disrupting organizations of every size and shape, leaving managers scrambling to find a technology fix that… Read More

    May 23, 2019

  • Recent Books, Summer 2018

    Recent Books, Summer 2018

    Renewed Energy: Insights for Clean Energy’s Future (2018, Kauffman Fellows) by John Weyant, Ernestine Fu and Justin Bowersock, BA’94 Renewed Energy sheds light on the recent history of clean energy between the 2009 recession and 2012, providing firsthand perspectives from the industry’s leading policy makers, technology investors and industry experts. Read More

    Sep 6, 2018

  • Recent Books, Winter/Spring 2018

    Recent Books, Winter/Spring 2018

    Literary Obscenities: U.S. Case Law and Naturalism after Modernism (2018, Penn State University Press) by Erik M. Bachman, BA’03 This comparative historical study explores the broad sociocultural factors at play in the relationships among U.S. obscenity laws and literary modernism and naturalism in the early 20th century. Putting obscenity case… Read More

    Jun 8, 2018

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    Recent Books, Fall 2017

    Rocky Boyer’s War: An Unvarnished History of the Air Blitz that Won the War in the Southwest Pacific (2017, Naval Institute Press) by Allen D. Boyer, BA’78 In Rocky Boyer’s War, Allen Boyer offers a wry, keen-eyed, and occasionally disgruntled counterpoint history of the hard-fought, brilliant campaign that won World… Read More

    Feb 16, 2018