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Recent Books by Alumni 2022

Fall 2022

Ofensiva a los oídos piadosos: obscenidad y censura en la poesía española y novohispana del siglo XVIII (Iberoamericana Vervuert, 2022) by Elena Deanda-Camacho, MA’07, PhD’10

Healthy You, Healthy Team, Healthy Company: How to Implement an Employee Wellness Program in Your Organization (Lioncrest Publishing, 2021) by Josh DeTillio, MBA’02

Chase the Bears: Little Things to Achieve Big Dreams (Simon & Schuster, 2022) by Ric Keller, JD’92

The Spiritual Exercises Reclaimed: Uncovering Liberating Possibilities for Women, 2nd edition (Paulist Press, 2022) by Elizabeth Liebert, MA’83, PhD’86, and Annemarie Paulin-Campbell

Inaugural Ballers: The True Story of the First U.S. Women’s Olympic Basketball Team (Viking Books for Young Readers, 2022) by Andrew Maraniss, BA’92

Pogiebait’s War: A Son’s Quest for His Father’s Wartime Life, 2nd edition (University of Tennessee Press, 2022) by Jack H. “Nick” McCall Jr., BA’83

James Patterson by James Patterson: The Stories of My Life (Little, Brown, 2022) by James Patterson, MA’70

A Space for Grace: Pathways from Brokenness to Beauty (independently published, 2022) by Robert Phillips, MDiv’03

Jean Landis WASP Pilot – 2,500 Miles … Long Beach to Newark in a P-51 (Flight to Destiny Press, 2022) by Sarah Byrn Rickman, BA’58

Glitter (Bloomsbury Academic, 2022) by Nicole Seymour, MA’04, PhD’08

Florida Girl (Happy Words Publishing, 2022) by Kathleen “Kat” Dawson Spitzer, BA’97, JD’00

Unpacking School Lunch: Understanding the Hidden Politics of School Food (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022) by Marcus B. Weaver-Hightower, MEd’00


Spring/Summer 2022

The Good Shepherd: Image, Meaning, and Power (Baylor University Press, 2021) by Jennifer Awes-Freeman, MA’14, PhD’16

Angels to the Rescue (Parsons Porch Press, 2021) by Lawrence Balleine, MDiv’75

Acting on Faith: Stories of Courage, Activism, and Hope Across Religions (Chalice Press, 2020) co-edited by Diane Faires Beadle, MDiv’09, and Jamie Haskins, MDiv’09

Grief Doesn’t Do Math (Westbow, 2021) by Heather H. Burwell, MDiv’19

Pastoral Imagination: Bringing the Practice of Ministry to Life (Fortress Press, 2021) by Eileen R. Campbell-Reed, MA’05, PhD’08

The Silent Shore: The Lynching of Matthew Williams and the Politics of Racism in the Free State (Johns Hopkins, 2022) by Charles L. Chavis Jr., MTS’14

Maria Callas: Lyric and Coloratura Arias (Bloomsbury Academic, 2021) by Virginia “Ginger” Dellenbaugh, BMus’98

Walking Trees: And Other Short Stories that Change Everything I Believe about Jesus (self-published, 2022) and Consuming Hope: Father and Son and Four Days to Live (Klug Publishing, 2021) by Ryan Fasani, MDiv’08

Faith in Politics: Southern Political Battles Past and Present (University of Tennessee Press, 2021) by Roy Herron, JD’79, MDiv’80

The Button Box (Lerner/Kar-Ben, 2022) by Bridget Hodder, MA’15, and Fawzia Gilani-Williams

Cultivating and Creating Healthy MyNDSpaces: 9 Strategies to Emotional Wellness and Personal Growth (MyNDSpace, 2021) by Cerrissa Hugie, MSN’17, DNP’18

Navigating the Newborn Months and Beyond: A Mother’s Guide to Routine, Sleep, Fussiness and Self-Care (independently published, 2022) by Erin Eileen Leigh, BS’97

Til Death Do Us Part (Amazon, 2020), writing as Austen Butler, In Sickness and in Health (Amazon, 2020), and Gone! (Amazon, 2021) by Karin Rose O’Callaghan, BA’70

Portfolio Management for Private Wealth (independently published, 2021) by Jesse Picunko, MBA’06

Alien Summer #1 Area 51 Interns series (Penguin, 2022) by James S. Murray and Carsen Smith, BA’18

Wild & Well: Dani’s Six Commonsense Steps to Radical Healing (Morgan James, 2021) by Dani Williamson, MSN’09


Winter 2022

New Directions for Holy Questions: Progressive Christian Theology for Families (Church Publishing Inc., 2022) by Claire Brown, MDiv’16, and Anita Peebles, MDiv’18

Letters from Leiper’s Fork (Books Fluent, 2020) by Wayne Christeson, BA’70

Endgame: A New Commentary on the Book of Daniel (Wipf & Stock, 2021) by Jerry A. Gladson, MA’73, PhD’78

Paper Bullets: Two Women Who Risked their Lives to Defy the Nazis (Algonquin, 2021) by Jeffrey H. Jackson, BS’93

Kelcie Murphy and the Academy for the Unbreakable Arts (Starscape/Macmillan, 2022) by Erika Lewis, BS’90

Echoes of the Gospel in Harry Potter (Wipf & Stock, 2021) by Clay Myatt, BS’15

Mother God (Beaming Books, 2022) by Teresa Pecinovsky, MDiv’18

Solomon and the Ant: the Qur’an in Conversation with the Bible (Cascade, 2021) by David Penchansky, PhD’88

Teresa James WAFS Pilot (Flight to Destiny Press, 2021) by Sarah Byrn Rickman, BA’58

Somebody’s Home (Thomas & Mercer, 2022) by Kaira Rouda, BA’85

Practically Divine (Harper Horizon, 2021) by Becca Stevens, MDiv’90

Opening Thoughts on Everyday Living:  Digging Deeper, Looking Farther (Books Fluent, 2021) by Don Welch, MA’75, PhD’76

Riley & Ben: Life Offers Second Chances (Deeds Publishing, 2021) by James Timothy “Tim” White, JD’64