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New faculty: Jennifer Trueblood uses math to predict complex decision-making

Oct. 20, 2015—Jennifer Trueblood is a mathematical psychologist who develops dynamic and probabilistic models using Bayesian statistical methods to explain complex decisions.

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Depression intervention for at-risk youth shows sustained effects

Oct. 13, 2015—A new study finds that a cognitive-behavioral prevention program yielded sustained positive effects for youth at risk for depression.

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Interpreting ambiguous visual information is surprisingly low level brain function

Oct. 7, 2015—When faced with ambiguous visual information, it is the visual processing areas of the brain that choose between the competing impressions, not the higher levels of the brain as previously thought.

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Depression runs in the family, but it may be preventable

Sep. 30, 2015—A Vanderbilt study is showing that early intervention may be the key to stopping the depression cycle in families.

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How your brain decides blame and punishment—and how it can be changed

Sep. 16, 2015—New work by researchers at Vanderbilt University and Harvard University confirms that a specific area of the brain, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, is crucial to punishment decisions.

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Eight Vanderbilt researchers named ‘Inspiring Women in STEM’

Aug. 17, 2015—The award honors highly accomplished women working in science, technology, engineering or mathematics who have made a positive impact on the trajectories of other women thinking about or newly embarking on STEM careers.

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VUCast: Fight club to save lives; Seeing in tune; Best Vanderbilt fans!

Jul. 21, 2015—In the latest VUCast: Find out about a fight club that can save lives; learn how musicians see in tune; and see the best Vanderbilt baseball fans from the College World Series. Watch now.

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Lubinski honored with Mensa Lifetime Achievement Award

Jul. 17, 2015—David Lubinski co-directs the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth, a 50-year longitudinal study of more than 5,000 highly talented individuals.

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A little jolt helps the brain get back on track

Jul. 8, 2015—Applying mild electrical stimulation to an area of the brain associated with cognitive control helps people with schizophrenia to recognize errors and adjust their behavior to avoid them.

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Musicians not only hear in tune, they also see in tune

Jun. 17, 2015—A new experiment shows that auditory melodies can enhance a musician's visual awareness of written music, particularly when they match.

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Study: Feedback can hinder kids’ math outcomes

Jun. 11, 2015—When doing math, some children do worse on subsequent problems after receiving feedback.

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White House drug policy office honors Vanderbilt researcher

Jun. 1, 2015—Peabody College researcher Andy Finch has been honored by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

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