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Steven Townsend

Birth of an Idea: Steven Townsend’s pathbreaking molecular research into human milk

Feb. 17, 2020—This year alone, Townsend has earned an $800,000 National Science Foundation CAREER award for his research on the protective properties of human milk, a $1.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to discover new antibiotics, a $110,000 award from the American Chemical Society, and a place on the Chemical & Engineering News 2019 “Talented 12” list of scientists.

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Kudos: Read about faculty, staff, student and alumni awards, appointments and achievements

Dec. 19, 2019—Read about recent faculty, staff, student and alumni awards, appointments and achievements.

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Professor, Chemist, Mentor: Steve Townsend, assistant professor of chemistry

Oct. 29, 2019—Steven Townsend, whose research into human milk could one day help all babies get their best start in life, is also a committed mentor devoted to helping young scholars get the best start on their careers.

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Gould awarded $10K prize for achievement in research

Aug. 24, 2018—Vanderbilt’s most prestigious faculty prize for accomplishments in research, scholarship or creative expression was awarded to Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology Kathleen Gould Aug. 23. She was one of 10 award recipients during Fall Faculty Assembly.

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Six projects garner Microbiome Venture Fund awards

Aug. 14, 2018—Six faculty-led teams have received 2018 Microbiome Venture Fund awards to pursue projects related to the broad category of microbiomes—the totality of microbes in or on an environment.

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VU BreakThru: Human milk as a source of narrow spectrum antimicrobial agents

Jan. 29, 2018—Assistant Professor of Chemistry Steven Townsend explores the role that human breast milk can play as a source of narrow spectrum antimicrobial agents in this VU BreakThru blog. Townsend brought together members of the Vanderbilt Pre-3 Initiative, a 2015 Trans-Institutional Program, to assist with his research.

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Sugars in human mother’s milk are non-toxic antibacterial agents

Aug. 20, 2017—A new study has found that sugars in mother's' milk do not just provide nutrition for babies but also help protect them from bacterial infections.

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New faculty: Townsend studies the glycobiology of human milk

Oct. 20, 2014—Although he is lactose-intolerant, Steven Townsend has more than a passing interest in mother’s milk.

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New University Faculty 2014-15

Sep. 30, 2014—View a complete list of new university faculty for the 2014-15 academic year.

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