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Jim Cooper

A college student’s guide to voting in Nashville

Oct. 23, 2018—Are you a student and not sure how to vote in Nashville? This chart provided by the office of Congressman Jim Cooper can help.

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Summer Institute to engage community on racial justice

May. 30, 2018—Five free public events are part of the Summer Institute presented by Vanderbilt's Public Theology and Racial Justice Collaborative June 4-8.

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2017 omnibus spending bill reaffirms Congress’ commitment to research

May. 10, 2017—Congress has reaffirmed the partnership between the federal government and American research universities by enacting a bipartisan appropriations spending package for fiscal year 2017 that preserves and increases funding for key federal research agencies—including a $2 billion increase for the National Institutes of Health.

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Honeybee Algorithm receives Golden Goose Award

Sep. 14, 2016—A model of honeybee behavior developed by a VU alum, now adapted to control internet server traffic, won an award honoring obscure or odd-seeming research that led to an important advance.

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Congressman Cooper honors Hamilton and Ramayya for superheavy element discovery

Aug. 13, 2016—U.S. Representative Jim Cooper honored nuclear physicists Joe Hamilton and A.V. Ramayya Aug. 12 for their role in the discovery of the new superheavy element 117 that has been provisionally named Tennessine.

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Distinguished visitors

May. 25, 2016—In recognition of Trauma Awareness Month, members of the Tennessee House of Representatives toured Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s adult emergency department, trauma center and helipad.

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Congressman Jim Cooper visits School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt

Nov. 18, 2015—Congressman Jim Cooper visited with Metro Nashville Public School students at Vanderbilt's School for Science and Math on Nov. 12.

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Vanderbilt represented at this weekend’s Southern Festival of Books

Oct. 8, 2014—The Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities will co-sponsor a special track of veteran-focused readings, discussions and performances at this year's Southern Festival of Books, which also features appearances by Vanderbilt faculty, staff, students and alumni.

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Watch: Close the innovation deficit

Mar. 6, 2014—Innovation Deficit: The widening gap between the actual level of government funding for research and higher education and what the investment needs to be if the United States is to remain the world's innovation leader.

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Zeppos meets with federal policymakers; co-chairs panel on government regulation

Feb. 20, 2014—Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos was in Washington, D.C., Feb. 11-12 to meet with federal policymakers and to participate in the initial meeting of the U.S. Senate-appointed Task Force on Government Regulation of Higher Education, which he is co-chairing.

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Second annual Golden Goose Awards presented in Washington

Sep. 20, 2013—The Golden Goose Award recognizes significant contributions to scientific understanding through federally funded basic research—research conducted with the goal of increasing scientific understanding rather than providing a solution to a specific problem.

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Award recognizes researcher who discovered diabetes medicine in Gila monster venom

Aug. 1, 2013—Vanderbilt-sponsored Golden Goose Award celebrates University of California researcher's discovery that the poisonous venom of the Gila monster can help prevent some of diabetes’ most severe complications.

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