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Guatemalan performance artist Regina Jose Galindo premieres new work at Vanderbilt Stadium Saturday, Nov. 12

Nov. 3, 2016—Regina Jose Galindo has invited Nashville's Latino community to participate in the creation of 'Comunidad,' which will celebrate the spirit of mutual support that pervades immigrant community.

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Social venture founded by Anthropology’s Ted Fischer wins $15,000 prize

Aug. 23, 2016—Mani+, a pediatric malnutrition therapy, is the result of years of interdisciplinary research by Vanderbilt anthropology, business, nursing, biological sciences and education students and professors.

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Eberl receives grant to study the cultural identity of Q’eqchi’ Maya

Feb. 23, 2016—Markus Eberl will study how the relocation of a Maya community in Guatemala affects their connection to the past.

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Earthquake victim’s journey leads to Children’s Hospital

Nov. 12, 2015—Eleuseo Morales-Garcia awoke suddenly to his San Marcos, Guatemala, home shaking violently on July 7, 2014. It was 5 a.m. and the walls were crumbling around him, his wife, Audelia Marta-Ortiz, and their five children.

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Guatemala leads Americas in condoning violence against unfaithful wives

Oct. 7, 2015—A majority of Guatemalans believe it is understandable, and sometimes even acceptable, for women who cheat on their husbands to be subjected to violence in return, the results of a new survey indicate.

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Vanderbilt malnutrition project opens mass-production facility in Guatemala

Oct. 5, 2015—Years of interdisciplinary research by Ted Fischer, professor of anthropology and director of the Center for Latin American Studies, and more than a dozen Vanderbilt students from across the university went into the development of Mani+.

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Victims of crime, corruption more likely to emigrate from Central America

Feb. 27, 2014—Vanderbilt's LAPOP researchers say people who have been asked to pay a bribe or been the victim of a crime are more likely to leave their Central America homeland seeking a new life.

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Consumer taste for high altitude beans shifts opportunity to small farmers

Apr. 29, 2013—Economic prospects improved for small mountain farmers in Guatemala when consumers developed a taste for coffee brewed with beans grown at high altitude, according to a new study from the Vanderbilt Institute for Coffee Studies.

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Victimization by government corruption important for coup support

May. 16, 2012—Withholding aid from governments with a reputation for corruption can have a "vicious cycle" effect that makes it very difficult for them to progress, according to analysis from the 2010 AmericasBarometer survey by The Latin American Public Opinion Project at Vanderbilt University.

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Shalom Foundation, VU establish Guatemala clinic

Apr. 28, 2011—Surgeons, nurses and staff at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt helped open a long-awaited and much-needed surgical facility during a recent mission trip to Guatemala.

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Guatemalan ambassador to keynote workshop at First Amendment Center

Oct. 28, 2010—The Guatemalan ambassador to the United States, Francisco Villagrán de León, will speak at the First Amendment Center 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 29. The ambassador’s talk, “Challenges to Development in Guatemala,” is free and open to the public. Villagrán de León is a career diplomat with more than 25 years in the Guatemalan foreign service....

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