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Barack Obama

Chancellor’s Lecture discusses Obama’s legacy on race, nation’s future with Trump

Jan. 19, 2017—Eight years after Barack Obama’s historic election as the nation’s first African American president, are race relations better or worse in the United States? Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos convened a panel of political experts Tuesday evening to discuss that question, as well as President-elect Donald Trump’s extraordinary ascent to the presidency.

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DuBois, Navarro, Steele to join Zeppos, Meacham to discuss Obama legacy Jan. 17

Jan. 3, 2017—In the final days of Barack Obama’s historic presidency, Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos will host a panel discussion reflecting on the 44th president’s legacy. “Beyond Obama: Race, Politics and America’s Future” is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 17.

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Experts on mass shootings, guns in America, and political perceptions after terrorism

Jun. 13, 2016—Vanderbilt University's Jonathan Metzl, a mental health and mass shootings expert, and Liz Zechmeister, who studies perceptions of political leaders after terrorism, shed light on the Orlando mass shooting.

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TIP SHEET: Vanderbilt expert available to speak about payday loans

Mar. 26, 2015—Vanderbilt Law Professor Paige Marta Skiba is available to speak about payday loans.

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Legal expert explains how Supreme Court should rule in Affordable Care Act suit

Feb. 23, 2015—The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear a lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Vanderbilt University legal expert James Blumstein says the true issue surrounding the King v. Burwell case is separation of powers.

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State of the Union address – Vanderbilt experts available

Jan. 19, 2015—President Obama is set to talk to the nation on Jan. 20 for his State of the Union address. Vanderbilt has an array of experts available to comment.

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Obama’s TN visit: Education faculty available for comment

Jan. 7, 2015—President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit East Tennessee this week to talk about ways to increase college access for Americans.

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Vanderbilt student and staff member part of Obama Nashville visit

Dec. 11, 2014—A Vanderbilt doctoral student in Brazilian history and a staff member with the Center for Latin American Studies had a memorable day as drivers for President Obama's Dec. 9 visit to Nashville.

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Immigration debate heats up – Vanderbilt experts available

Nov. 13, 2014—In light of President Obama’s plan to overhaul the immigration enforcement system and the continued debate over comprehensive immigration reform, Vanderbilt has an array of experts available who are researching various aspects of the immigration debate.

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Obama appointments studied for patronage

Jan. 17, 2014—Vanderbilt researchers studied 1,307 appointments made by the Obama administration in its first six months, seeking data about the appointees’ education, work history and political involvement.

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Tennessee voters want Medicaid expansion, but many still don’t like ACA, Vanderbilt Poll shows

Dec. 11, 2013—The latest Vanderbilt Poll results are in, with registered voters in Tennessee giving their opinions on Medicaid expansion and other issues.

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Joshua DuBois: The President’s Devotional

Dec. 6, 2013—Joshua DuBois, author of The President’s Devotional and a spiritual adviser to President Barack Obama, spoke at Vanderbilt University Divinity School Dec. 4. Read more >>

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