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Vanderbilt increases presence in Edu-Scholar rankings

Vanderbilt University has increased its presence in the annual Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings, Education Week’s annual listing of the most influential public scholars in education.

Eleven professors from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of education and human development are in the 2019 ranking, announced this morning. With 11 faculty members included, Vanderbilt ranks fourth in having the most faculty members in the top 200, after UCLA (13), Stanford (18) and Harvard (23).

Several of Vanderbilt’s faculty returning to the list improved their positions dramatically over 2018: H. Richard Milner IV rose from 70 to 48; Gary T. Henry from 112 to 80; and Jason Grissom from 165 to 131. New to the list were Donna Y. Ford (57), Carolyn J. Heinrich (140) and Angela Boatman (200).

“I am pleased to see our faculty so well represented in this year’s ranking,” said Camilla P. Benbow, Patricia and Rodes Hart Dean of Education and Human Development at Peabody. “We pride ourselves on our engagement with pressing problems, and this ranking affirms that our faculty members are making a positive and public difference.”

The Vanderbilt faculty members included in the 2019 ranking are:

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More about the Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings

The Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings are compiled each year by Frederick M. Hess, director of education policy for the American Enterprise Institute, and published by Education Week.The annual ranking draws on nine metrics that tabulate activities that contribute to the shaping of educational practice and policy, including social media presence, book and journal publication and citations, education press mentions, and number of times cited by members of Congress.