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Vanderbilt Microbiome Initiative

Seeing the unseen: Vanderbilt science hub helps set a standard for innovative microbiome research, education

Dec. 19, 2019—The Vanderbilt Microbiome Initiative is receiving attention for its role as a standard bearer for other microbiome programs, thanks to a new article on the importance and emergence of microbiome centers – academic hubs of microbiome-related research.

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Vanderbilt Microbiome Initiative Boot Camp set for Nov. 8

Sep. 16, 2019—The Vanderbilt Microbiome Initiative Boot Camp is an annual workshop to train students and staff in microbiome study design, big data analysis and interpretation.The event will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 8 at the Wyatt Center, Room 130.

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Host-microbe interactions in the gut

Aug. 13, 2019—Vanderbilt investigators demonstrated that intestinal cells promote beneficial microbe behavior — the findings support developing microbiota-based therapies for intestinal health.

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Six projects garner Microbiome Venture Fund awards

Aug. 14, 2018—Six faculty-led teams have received 2018 Microbiome Venture Fund awards to pursue projects related to the broad category of microbiomes—the totality of microbes in or on an environment.

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Insect gene allows reproductive organs to cope with harmful bacteria

May. 17, 2018—Bordenstein’s team studied Nasonia parasitic wasps, which are about the size of a sesame seed, and they serve as one of the best models to dissect and characterize the evolution of insect genomes.

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VU BreakThru: TIPs grant funds innovative research into the microbiome

May. 15, 2018—Right under your nose but unseen by the human eye is the microbiome—the totality of microbes in an environment. The Vanderbilt Microbiome Initiative, funded by a TIPs grant, is coordinating basic, translational and clinical scholarship to help unlock the mysteries of these bacteria, viruses and more. Learn about the initiative and its new website in this VU BreakThru blog post. Read more about TIPs grants and other internal faculty funding programs—including University Courses, Research Scholar Grants and Discovery Grants—at the VU BreakThru blog.

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