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  • Vanderbilt University

    DigitalVU: Using technology to engage students beyond the classroom walls

    Watch video of an Oct. 20 presentation “Using technology to engage students beyond the classroom walls” with Corbette Doyle and Stephanie Milne. This session provides a hands-on look at Twitter as a tool to encourage students to think critically about course content — before, during and after class ends. To… Read More

    Oct 21, 2011

  • Vanderbilt University

    Check in on Foursquare, Vanderbilt!

    Vanderbilt is expanding its official presence on Foursquare, the social networking site that allows members to "check in" via their mobile device at different venues to share what they are doing with their friends, see what their friends are doing, earn points and badges, learn more about their community or places they are visitng, and also have the chance to earn special discounts and take part in promotions from vendors. Read More

    Oct 14, 2011

  • Empty microphone

    Computer scientist: reveal thyself!

    (iSTOCK) Like the Wizard of Oz, computer scientists have largely been happy to perform their magic behind the curtain, out of public view.  However, this reticence has begun causing problems in the digital realm. “Computer scientists face the drawbacks of lacking public awareness,” wrote an international team… Read More

    Sep 16, 2011

  • Vanderbilt University

    Editor’s Note

    As you can see, the Vanderbilt View underwent a transformation over the summer. Not a full-blown overhaul by any means, but a little nip and tuck nonetheless. As you might imagine, we’re doing our best to save trees and money. But that’s not our only motivation. Since the View launched… Read More

    Aug 1, 2011

  • Vanderbilt University

    VUCast: Change your MIND!

    Why changing your MIND is better than changing habits. How dad’s schedule could cause kids to be bullies. And it’s more than a pink ribbon — the life-saving power of support. [vucastblurb]… Read More

    Feb 25, 2011