Check in on Foursquare, Vanderbilt!

Vanderbilt is expanding its official presence on Foursquare, the social networking site that allows members to “check in” via their mobile device at different venues to share what they are doing with their friends, see what their friends are doing, earn points and badges, learn more about their community or places they are visiting, and also have the chance to earn special discounts and take part in promotions from vendors.

The university and medical center have claimed over 300 Vanderbilt venues and are in the process of adding information, or tips, for as many as possible.

University Web Communications can create lists that are targeted to students, alumni, visitors, etc. and showcase places, events and themes with custom photos and tips. Examples are: the 2011 Reunion List, the Galleries List and the Campus Tour List (you must be logged in to Foursquare to see these lists). If you would like a list created for your program, department or event, contact University Web Communications.

Got a tip?

Web Communications wants faculty, staff and students to be involved and is asking for tips for campus spots from student organizations, academic and administrative departments. What are some of your favorite spots on campus and why? What are Vanderbilt’s hidden gems?

Please submit your tips (VUnetid required) and Web Communications will then post them through the official Vanderbilt Foursquare account.

Badge: Coming soon

The university is also working with FourSquare to get Vanderbilt’s offical “badge” online. To earn the Vanderbilt badge, you will need to follow VanderbiltU on FourSquare, check in to 10 Vanderbilt venues, at least five of which must be unique (checking in to the same venue 10 times will not earn you the badge). Finally, you must leave a least one tip at any Vanderbilt venue to earn the badge. More information will be provided when the badge becomes available.

Visit Vanderbilt on Foursquare.