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Andreas Berlind

Vanderbilt Data Science Institute launched

Aug. 13, 2018—Vanderbilt has established the Data Science Institute to advance foundational research and data science skills across campus and to leverage the university’s collaborative culture.

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Working group recommends new data sciences institute, faculty and educational programs

May. 14, 2018—A data science institute, new faculty and technical staff, and expanded educational offerings are the key investments recommended by the Data Science Visions Working Group.

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Mining data in the information age

Jan. 3, 2018—Zeros and ones are the gold and silver of the information age. Data Science Visions, a TIPs initiative, is laying the groundwork to analyze and extract the data available in this emerging field. Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy Andreas Berlind writes of the group’s early efforts, including two fall think tanks on two disparate topics—public schools in Tennessee and Inca settlements in Peru. Read more about TIPs grants and other internal faculty funding programs—including Discovery Grants, Research Scholar Grants and University Courses—at the VUBreakThru blog.

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New working group launches for big data and data science initiatives

Aug. 17, 2017—Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Susan R. Wente has named 20 faculty members to a new working group that will analyze the directions for new big data and data science initiatives.

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Vanderbilt astronomers play key role in major new sky survey

Jul. 15, 2014—The influential Sloan Digital Sky Survey is launching a major new program called SDSS-IV this month, and Vanderbilt astronomers are directly involved.

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Vanderbilt collaborates on NASA’s Extreme Universe Space Observatory

Mar. 12, 2013—NASA has awarded $4.4 million to a collaboration of scientists at U.S. universities, including a Vanderbilt professor, and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center to help build a 2.5-meter ultraviolet telescope called the Extreme Universe Space Observatory for deployment on the International Space Station in 2017.

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Engineer, astronomer and geologist receive NSF Faculty Early Career Development awards

Aug. 9, 2012—An electrical engineer who is attempting to make wireless communications more reliable, an astronomer who studies the evolution of the cosmos by creating large numbers of virtual universes and a geologist who is studying the origins of super-eruptions have received the National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early Career Development awards.

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Largest 3-D map of the universe released to public

Aug. 8, 2012—Star gazers – both those who have a telescope and those who don’t – should be happy to learn that the largest-ever three-dimensional map of the universe has been released to the public.

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Excellence in graduate teaching and mentoring recognized

Dec. 12, 2011—The College of Arts and Science honored four members of its community Dec. 6 for excelling in graduate teaching and mentoring. Farhana Loonat (political science) received the award for outstanding teaching assistant, and Matt Eatough (English) was honored as outstanding teacher. These awards are given annually in recognition of outstanding undergraduate teaching by graduate students....

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Vanderbilt’s role in largest digital sky image

Jan. 13, 2011—The Sloan Digital Sky Survey-III collaboration, which includes Vanderbilt University, has resulted in a picture of the sky so big that it would take 500,000 high-definition TVs to view it at full resolution. The color image contains more than a trillion pixels and covers about one-third of the entire sky.

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