Make mental health and well-being a priority

Recognizing your mental health is vital to your overall health and well-being. This aspect of your welfare can impact your physical health, your well-being, how you connect with others and your livelihood.  

The importance of mental health for total well-being cannot be overstated. When psychological wellness is affected, it can cause negative behaviors that may not only affect personal health but can also compromise relationships with others.  

Benefits of good mental health: 

  • A stronger ability to cope with life’s stressors – When mental and emotional states are at peak levels, the challenges of life can be easier to overcome. A stable mental state can encourage healthy coping mechanisms to handle life stressors. 
  • A positive self-image – Mental health greatly correlates with personal feelings about oneself. Overall mental wellness plays a part in your self-esteem. Confidence can often be a good indicator of a healthy mental state.  
  • Better productivity – Dealing with mental health disorders can impact your productivity levels. If you feel mentally strong, it’s more likely that you will be able to work more efficiently and provide higher quality work. 
  • Higher quality of life – When your mental well-being thrives, your quality of life may improve. This can give room for greater participation in community building.
    Because your mental health is so important to general wellness, it’s important that you take care of your mental health.  

Ways to maintain mental health and well-being: 

  • Regular exercise – Taking up regular exercise can boost your energy level so you can get more done. 
  • Prioritize rest and sleep – Sleep is an essential process that allows our bodies to recharge and rejuvenate. 
  • Eating well – Healthy eating can increase your energy and help you feel better.  
  • Develop positive relationships – Being socially connected and having stable and supportive relationships, you are more likely to make healthy choices. 

Understanding the relationship between mental wellness and physical well-being is crucial to improving all areas of your life.  

Lyra, your mental health benefit, can get you matched to a provider who speaks your desired language, has a relatable background, or has an expertise in helping members navigate multicultural topics. You can also find information about a provider who has clinical expertise in a topic that’s helpful for you or your family via the provider’s profile. 

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Vanderbilt employees and their families are eligible to receive 12 counseling sessions per household member each year, at no cost to employees.  

Sign up today at or call 877-804-2856.  

Virgin Pulse, your wellness benefit, takes a whole-person approach to health and well-being by providing members with a unified highly personalized digital health experience. Virgin Pulse helps members improve their mental health, physical well-being and everything in between.  

Virgin Pulse is available to all benefits-eligible employees regardless of their enrollment in Vanderbilt benefits.  

Sign up today at or call 888-671-9395.  

You can view frequently asked questions on the Office of Health and Wellness website.  

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