Get healthy, earn cash!

While it is not the calendar “new year,” September is an exciting time as students enter a new school year and parents and adults get back into a work routine after the summer months. This time of year is a great moment to regroup, find your focus and adopt some healthy habits for your body and mind.  

Virgin Pulse, Vanderbilt’s wellness platform, can help you make the most of the autumn months by encouraging healthy habit change while earning Pulse Cash rewards. 

Virgin Pulse Basics 

How do I earn rewards? Pulse Cash rewards are earned when you complete various activities for points. Pulse Cash can be redeemed in the Virgin Pulse store on the platform. Members can transfer their Pulse Cash to a gift card. The gift cards are like cash, and individuals can spend the dollars any way they choose. Pulse Cash does not expire. 

What is a journey? Reaching a personal health goal starts with a single step. Journeys are daily self-guided courses to help you build healthy habits. Take that first step by starting and completing a journey for 500 points. 

Should I complete the Health Check survey? You can complete the Health Check survey anytime throughout the year. The Health Check survey is used to provide individuals with an evaluation of health risks and quality of life. When you complete the Health Check survey, you will earn 500 points. 

Why should I do the daily cards? Your daily cards are topics of interest you identified when completing the Health Check survey. These are important areas of well-being that you’d like to focus on during your journey to a better self. Complete 20 daily cards in a month and earn 1,200 points. 

Can I get healthy using Virgin Pulse’s platform? You can self-track any daily wellness behaviors that you would like to focus on. These healthy habits allow you to be more mindful of certain behaviors and help you make small, everyday changes that can lead to big results. When you track your healthy habits for 20 days in a month, you will earn 400 points. You can track healthy habits for past dates; however, you will only be rewarded for data within the previous 14 days.   

Earn Double Points for your Quarterly Reward 

From Sept. 18 through Sept. 30, members can earn double points by completing the daily cards, participating in the healthy habits and completing a journey.  

Virgin Pulse is available to all benefits-eligible employees, regardless of their enrollment in Vanderbilt benefits.  

Sign up today at or calling 888-671-9395.  

Visit the Office of Health and Wellness website for FAQs, or email for member inquiries.