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Tracy Miller

Janusek, Andean anthropologist noted for innovative teaching and discovery, dies

Oct. 30, 2019—John W. Janusek, an Andean anthropologist whose interests ranged from the development of complex societies in South America to the history of beer and brewing, died Oct. 22.

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New center supports digital exploration in the humanities

Feb. 6, 2017—Vanderbilt's new Center for Digital Humanities in Buttrick Hall will be home to a cohort of faculty and students seeking digital approaches to humanistic scholarship.

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Eos Project funds environmental awareness planning and programming projects on campus

Feb. 12, 2016—Eos-funded projects include curriculum development, reading series, speakers, seminars and more.

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Vanderbilt hosts symposium and exhibition on traditional Chinese architecture

Jul. 24, 2015—An exhibition from a traditional Chinese architecture photography competition is on display through July 31 at Cohen, Sarratt and Buttrick in conjunction with an international symposium organized by Professor Tracy Miller.

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Vanderbilt alumnus to lecture on Chinese funerary art

Oct. 2, 2014—A Chinese art curator from the Ringling Museum of Art who is a Vanderbilt alumnus will speak at Cohen Memorial Hall Oct. 9.

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Sacred Ecology symposium to explore complex ritual sites around the world

Aug. 27, 2013—"Sacred Ecology: Landscape Transformations for Ritual Practice," a symposium that explores the various experiences of complex ritual sites around the world and across all periods of history, takes place Aug. 30 at the Sarratt Student Center.

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Relevance of medieval water practices to today’s designs focus of talk

Apr. 3, 2012—James Wescoat, the Aga Khan Professor of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will address “Water and Work in the Mughal Landscape” at 4:10 p.m. in Cohen Hall, Room 203.

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