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Jason Valentine

Adams to lead TIPs-funded, soldier-inspired innovation hub

Jun. 30, 2020—A new innovation incubator will amplify existing collaborations among researchers and soldiers, building on Vanderbilt's partnership agreement with Army Futures Command.

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Team demos breakthrough in analog image processing, Nature reports

Feb. 24, 2020—A research team of Vanderbilt engineers has demonstrated a new ultrathin filter, based on metamaterials, that allows for analog optical image processing.

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Valentine appointed new faculty liaison to Oak Ridge National Lab

Nov. 7, 2019—The Oak Ridge National Laboratory collaboration with Vanderbilt University will grow stronger through a new faculty liaison and enhanced management of travel assistance awards.

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Twelve faculty members named as 2018 Chancellor Faculty Fellows

Jan. 18, 2018—Twelve outstanding faculty members from across the university have been named to the 2018 class of Chancellor Faculty Fellows. The class comprises highly accomplished, recently tenured faculty from all corners of campus.

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Bartels wins $10,000 research award at Faculty Assembly

Aug. 25, 2017—Vanderbilt’s most prestigious faculty award for accomplishments in research, scholarship or creative expression was given to Larry Bartels during the 2017 Fall Faculty Assembly on Aug. 24.

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First circularly polarized light detector on a silicon chip

Sep. 22, 2015—Invention of the first integrated circularly polarized light detector on a silicon chip opens the door for development of small, portable sensors that could expand the use of polarized light for drug screening, surveillance, etc.

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Valentine receives NSF Early Career award

Feb. 20, 2014—Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Jason Valentine has received a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development grant.

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Making waves: In the hunt for invisibility, other benefits seen

Dec. 26, 2013—A new way of assembling things, called metamaterials, may in the not too distant future help to protect a building from earthquakes by bending seismic waves around it, the way invisibility cloaks bend light. Jason Valentine, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, is quoted.

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Something big from something small: The 10th anniversary of VINSE

Dec. 13, 2011—Vanderbilt researchers working at the smallest scale celebrate a huge milestone this year. The Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (VINSE), seeded from a university-funded $16 million venture capital fund initiative, celebrates its 10th anniversary in December.

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