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Vanderbilt marks African American milestones

Oct. 8, 2014—It's been 50 years since eight African American students first enrolled as undergraduates at Vanderbilt. The university is marking this and other milestones with a new website and with banners displayed in a central location on campus.

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Professors get pies in the face for charity

Nov. 12, 2012—As a part of Disabilities Awareness Week, students were given the opportunity to blow off a little midterm steam by putting a pie in the face of a favorite professor or administrator. The activity was a fundraiser for Chair Scholars, an organization that provides assistance to students with disabilities seeking to attend college, and was...

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End of the Beginning

May. 1, 2012—The Ingram Commons’ first class graduates On a bright spring day four years ago, Jeremy Williams had a choice to make. His college decision had come down to two schools – Vanderbilt or Harvard – and he was stepping onto the former’s Nashville campus for the first time. “My mom and I visited some of...

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TIPSHEET: An African American has achieved the nation’s highest office – what now?

Nov. 20, 2008—Barack Obama's history-making election to president of the United States has many wondering what does this achievement mean for race relations in America – what now? Is there still need for affirmative action? Is there less racism in America than we might have once thought? Will the Obamas have an impact on African Americans' and others' expectations for and perceptions of family and achievement?

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