Professors get pies in the face for charity

Frank Dobson (left), director of the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center at Vanderbilt and a faculty head of house at The Ingram Commons, received a pie to the face for charity Nov. 9. (Photo by Joe Howell/Vanderbilt)

As a part of Disabilities Awareness Week, students were given the opportunity to blow off a little midterm steam by putting a pie in the face of a favorite professor or administrator. The activity was a fundraiser for Chair Scholars, an organization that provides assistance to students with disabilities seeking to attend college, and was part of the Mayfield 2: Defying Gravity project.

In attendance were Dean of The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons Frank Wcislo, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Richard McCarty and Vanderbilt Student Government President Maryclaire Manard, among others.

Contact: Lindsey Franklyn