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Dominique Behague

Vanderbilt scholars curate new insights about social contexts of health and well-being in recent journals

Jun. 15, 2020—A precision medicine approach to health disparities, the social contexts of caregiving, the global psyche and Indigenous perspectives on science are the topics of recent journal issues edited by Vanderbilt University faculty that touch on health and well-being.

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Virtual Gatherings: Zoom coffee hours help MHS students and faculty stay connected, consider current events

Apr. 9, 2020—Medicine, Health and Society's virtual Thursday coffee hours leverages the center’s academic focus on the social aspects of illness and health to help students process the impact of COVID-19 on the wider world—and to blow off steam with a short dance break, too.

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‘Dialogic praxis’ enhances psychotherapeutic success for youth

Jan. 16, 2020—For young patients, therapy works best when they are encouraged to become co-experts in the search for answers, according to findings from a study in Brazil co-authored by Dominique Béhague.

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Teen pregnancy reduction campaigns in Brazil may be backfiring

Jun. 1, 2017—Discussing the potential for depression in young pregnant women is not an effective way to curb young women from getting pregnant, according to a new study of Brazilian mothers

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‘Virtuous Non-Knowing’ Keynote by Allan Young

Mar. 16, 2017—Watch video of ‘Virtuous Non-knowing’ by Allan Young, Marjorie Bronfman Professor in Social Studies of Medicine at McGill University, gave his keynote lecture on Thursday, March 16 for the conference organized by Medicine, Health and Society, entitled “The Global Psyche: Experiments in Ethics, Politics and Technoscience.” The talk was entitled “Virtuous Non-knowing” and Professor Stephan...

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What happens when Western psychiatry goes global?

Mar. 6, 2017—A March conference at Vanderbilt about "The Global Psyche" will feature two keynote speeches open to the public

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Chancellor holds campus discussion on mental health, well-being

Jan. 30, 2017—Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos told students, faculty and staff gathered Jan. 26 for a town hall meeting on mental health and well-being, “Our community needs to talk about people who need help, attention, love and support.”

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Shewa Adelekun wants to champion health care equality

May. 6, 2013—When Shewa Adelekun was 5, her family emigrated from Nigeria to New York City. Her father, a doctor in his native country, took steps to complete his medical residency in the United States. Her mother, a nurse by training, became certified in the United States and worked two jobs to help support the family. It’s...

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Dramatic expansion at Vanderbilt’s Center for Medicine, Health and Society

May. 29, 2012—Five new faculty members are joining the Center for Medicine, Health and Society as part of a dramatic expansion of the multidisciplinary center that links the social sciences and humanities to Vanderbilt's academic medical center.

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