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Inaugural Alzheimer’s Disease Research Day draws crowd for talks, posters, data blitzes

May. 28, 2019—Vanderbilt's inaugural Alzheimer’s Disease Research Day drew more than 100 attendees to hear faculty lectures on subjects ranging from diet to brain modeling, take in short “data blitzes” on individual areas of research, and visit a 35-station poster session.

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Robot-guided video game gets older adults out of comfort zone, learning and working together

Mar. 18, 2019—The video game isn’t about talking robots or colorful books. It’s about getting seniors in the early stages of dementia out of their rooms, moving their bodies and, most importantly, working together.

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Alzheimer’s proteins in ICU survivors

Mar. 27, 2018—The cognitive impairment that affects patients who survive a stay in the ICU does not appear to have a similar mechanism to Alzheimer’s disease, Vanderbilt researchers have discovered.

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Boomers, Elders and More: Long-term nutrition care for dementia

Jun. 14, 2017—Many older adults with dementia do not eat and drink a sufficient amount to maintain a healthy weight. Simple strategies are effective but time-consuming for care providers.

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Learn about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia research at public forum

Jan. 25, 2017—Vanderbilt researchers will discuss their groundbreaking studies on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia at an upcoming forum, and the public is invited to attend.

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Lunch and Learn Aug. 19: ‘Is it dementia or age-related change?’

Jul. 31, 2015—The Vanderbilt Child and Family Center will host a Lunch and Learn on Aug. 19 on how to recognize dementia vs. typical age-related change.

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Vanderbilt Child and Family Center sponsors Virtual Dementia Tour

May. 5, 2015—The Vanderbilt Child and Family Center partnered with Senior Helpers to sponsor the inaugural Virtual Dementia Tour April 22.

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VUCast: Startling brain-related study on critically ill patients

Oct. 16, 2013—In the latest VUCast: ICU patients are leaving hospitals with a dementia-like disease; What’s the fate of the Republican Party?; Hear from Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Distinguished Visiting Professor Jon Meacham; and It's time to celebrate -- the Rate My Professor 2013 rankings are in. All this and more in Vanderbilt’s online newscast. Watch now.

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New faculty: Todd Monroe explores how neurobiology can better guide pain management

Oct. 7, 2013—When Todd Monroe’s grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer late in the course of her dementia, the nursing home staff caring for her struggled to assess her pain.

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Center for Quality Aging forges community bonds

Aug. 15, 2013—The Vanderbilt Center for Quality Aging is taking the “bench to bedside” concept of translational research out into the community, forming partnerships with assisted living facilities to examine how evidence can be put into action to improve the care of elders.

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Cognitive complaints, Alzheimer’s risk studied

Aug. 1, 2013—A study of cognitive complaints in older adults showed that memory concerns from both the patient and an informant was most predictive of converting to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia within three years.

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Amish aid search for Alzheimer’s genes

Oct. 11, 2012—An analysis of Amish populations revealed novel risk genes for late-onset Alzheimer disease.

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