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Electric eels deliver Taser-like shocks

Dec. 4, 2014—A Vanderbilt biologist has determined that electric eels possess an electroshock system uncannily similar to a Taser.

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Vanderbilt biologists contribute to major genetic study of malaria mosquitoes

Nov. 27, 2014—Vanderbilt biologists played an important supporting role in a major genetic study of malaria-carrying mosquitoes published this week in the journal "Science."

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Life’s extremists may be an untapped source of antibacterial drugs

Nov. 21, 2014—A family of single-celled organisms that thrive in environments too extreme for most other species to survive may be an untapped source of new antibacterial drugs.

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Vanderbilt’s neurovascular chip project moves into new phase

Nov. 18, 2014—Vanderbilt researchers will play a key role in the second phase of the federal "tissue chip for drug screening" program.

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Two from Vanderbilt will partner with Brazilian researchers

Nov. 10, 2014—Last spring, Vanderbilt entered into a partnership to foster collaborations between its faculty and researchers affiliated with universities in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. In the first year of this partnership, two proposals have been selected for funding.

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Vanderbilt doctoral thesis helps protect rare domestic sunflower

Oct. 23, 2014—The doctoral thesis of former Vanderbilt graduate student Jennifer Ellis Mandel played a key role in protecting a rare domestic sunflower.

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Campus trees celebrated with new website, mobile device tours

Oct. 17, 2014—Fall is the perfect time to learn more about the trees of Vanderbilt through a new website and mobile device-assisted tours.

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Mosquito facts and fictions

Sep. 9, 2014—Mosquito researcher Jason Pitts collects interesting facts and stories about his research subjects, nature’s ultimate bioterrorists.

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Celebration honors nine new faculty chair holders

Sep. 5, 2014—A Sept. 3 celebration at the Student Life Center honored nine new faculty chair holders and recognized the support of generous donors.

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Three researchers receive EAGER awards

Aug. 22, 2014—Three Vanderbilt researchers have received an award designed to better understand how complex behaviors emerge from brain activity.

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Treatments for frog fungus

Jul. 25, 2014—The fungicide amphotericin B may be a useful treatment for a frog fungus that is killing amphibians worldwide.

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Quanta Magazine: Evolving with a little help from our friends

Jun. 5, 2014—Seth Bordenstein, associate professor of biological sciences, and graduate student Robert Brucker, discovered that the survival of a new hybrid of wasp depended not on their genes but on the microbes that naturally lived on and inside the insects.

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