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Class of 2017: Marc Chen studies transportation’s role in improving communities

Apr. 28, 2017—Marc Chen wants to use data to make cities work better for everyone. Chen, a math and economics major, believes there’s a wealth of untapped data out there waiting to be mined that could help public policymakers understand how their decisions affect the well-being of city residents.

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VUCAST: Digging for history in the middle of campus

Nov. 10, 2015—In the latest VUCast: See why undergrads are digging on campus and what they're finding in the ground; hear actress Reese Witherspoon discuss her new venture in Nashville; and watch the student video asking people to rethink stereotypes. Watch now!

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‘The Arts of Japan’ opens Jan. 12 at Fine Arts Gallery

Jan. 5, 2012—The Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of The Arts of Japan. The exhibit is drawn from the 1,300 exquisite Japanese works in the Fine Arts Gallery’s permanent collection. The Arts of Japan is presented in recognition of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Asian American Student Association at Vanderbilt University...

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VUCast: Match Day: Grey’s Anatomy Style…

Apr. 1, 2011—In this week’s VUCast: Will 11 couples be torn apart? Who’s number one? And, remembering the families in Japan.  

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