Educate and Empower to Reduce Stigma: Depression education and awareness

Depression is a mental health condition marked by long-lasting sadness and lack of interest in activities. People experiencing depression may find it harder to do daily tasks and connect with others.  

Talking about depression may not feel comfortable, but depression is common and treatable. People of all races, ages, ethnicities and genders experience depression. Some people may go through depression more than once, which can feel frustrating.  

If you notice depression symptoms in yourself, it may help to: 

Meet with a mental health expert and a medical provider. Some other medical conditions can have symptoms similar to those of depression. 

Look after your well-being. While there’s no replacement for getting professional care, it can help to do activities that promote your well-being, like eating nourishing meals and sleeping seven to eight hours a day. You could also consider starting a mindfulness meditation practice or breathing exercises through Lyra Essentials

Slowly warm up to activities. Depression symptoms like sadness, lost interest and fatigue can make it hard to do even the simplest tasks. Try gently nudging yourself to do small activities that can bolster your mood.  

Above all, be kind to yourself. Harsh judgement for experiencing depression is common. But depression isn’t your fault. Do your best to let go of self-criticism. Recognize that it takes tremendous courage to acknowledge mental health concerns and seek care.  

If you want help connecting with a mental health expert, Lyra can assist you. Sign up today at or call 877-804-2856.  

Vanderbilt employees and their families are eligible to receive 12 counseling sessions per household member each year, at no cost to employees.  

You can view frequently asked questions on the Office of Health and Wellness website.