Fall 2013

Robot Evolution

Robot Evolution

From Bomb Disposal to Painless Colonoscopies, These Precocious Partners Boldly Go Where Man Prefers Not To By David F. Salisbury In the foreseeable future, robots will stick steerable needles in your brain to remove blood clots, and capsule robots will crawl up your colon to reduce the pain of colonoscopies.Read More

Portrait of Michelle Alexander © Robert Shetterly / Americans Who Tell the Truth

Strong Convictions

America’s Drug War Has Led to a ‘New and Improved’ Racial Caste System, Argues Michelle Alexander By Arnie Cooper Michelle Alexander didn’t set out to do her undergraduate work at Vanderbilt. As a high school senior living in Ashland, Ore., she planned to attend the University of Oregon like manyRead More

Heart and Soles

Heart and Soles

Vanderbilt University Athletics partnered in July with Soles4Souls to send student athletes on a 10-day journey to deliver shoes to those in need in Tanzania, Africa.

Richard Mia

Power to the Patient

If You Really Want to Improve Health Care, Start by Asking Those Who’ve Spent Sleepless Nights in Family Waiting Rooms By Nancy Humphrey During a recent clinic visit at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Lynn Ferguson and two other patients were simultaneously called back from the waiting area for their procedures.Read More

Embrace the Unknown

Embrace the Unknown

In 2004, Kristin Fleschner began a year as a Vanderbilt Michael B. Keegan Traveling Fellow, journeying to Africa to study sexual violence against women and children. Now a student at Harvard Law School, Fleschner received a pancreas transplant in 2007 and started experiencing vision loss in 2008.

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Growth Mindset

Student Ownership, Responsibility Are Keys to Success Why are some high schools better than others at boosting achievement among traditionally underserved students? A new report from the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools (NCSU), based at Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of education and human development, finds that student ownership andRead More

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Brain Drain

Physician Exodus Is Diminishing Health Care Where It’s Needed Most The past decade has seen a dramatic rise in the number of physicians trained in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) emigrating to the United States, resulting in a “brain drain” on nations in the greatest need for affordable and accessible health care.Read More

Hirt has retired after 50 years of promoting recreational sports  on campus. (Daniel Dubois)


Long before there was a Student Recreation Center or any of the adjacent outdoor facilities, Sam Hirt was doing what he could to promote sports activities on campus.

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Foul Migration

Researchers Stalk Deadly Flu Viruses Using New Weapons The high mortality rate of a new strain of bird flu that emerged in China last spring has caused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to issue provider alerts to watch for flu-like illness in recent travelers and prompted vaccine scientistsRead More

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Tiny Tots, Take Heart

Transplant Procedure Overcomes Blood-Type Incompatibility More young children could receive life-saving heart transplants in the future, if a procedure performed for the first time at Vanderbilt becomes accepted practice. Pediatric cardiac surgeons at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt recently performed the state’s first ABO-incompatible heart transplant inRead More