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Pre-K needs proper implementation and rigorous evaluation to succeed

Apr. 27, 2017—Mark Lipsey presented a pre-K consensus report, a joint effort by several institutions to inform lawmakers and other education thought leaders.

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Spending more on pre-K doesn’t guarantee success: Report

Oct. 25, 2016—Many U.S. states have been quick to invest in pre-k without a clear strategy for success.

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Farran to discuss new pre-K report at Brookings panel

Oct. 25, 2016—Vanderbilt professor and pre-K expert Dale Farran will discuss her latest pre-K research Oct. 26.

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Farran named ‘Children’s Champion’ by NAAEYC

Apr. 12, 2016—Vanderbilt education researcher Dale Farran was honored by the Nashville Area Association for the Education of Young Children April 10.

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Quality early-grade teachers key to maximize pre-K benefits

Dec. 30, 2015—Preschool alone is not the silver bullet to end poverty or close achievement gaps.

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Pre-K ‘best practices’ goal of PRI, MNPS team

May. 16, 2014—Vanderbilt’s Peabody Research Institute will collaborate with Metro Schools’ newly appointed director of early learning innovation, Lisa Wiltshire, to create and document a preschool curriculum rooted in play, experimentation and discovery.

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