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robert penn warren professor in the humanities

Dayan’s ‘Legal Sorcery’ to be screened at international art blowout

Aug. 14, 2017—The influence of Haitian vodou rituals on Colin Dayan's research on marginalized populations and the law is depicted in a performance monologue that she recorded for an international art exhibition.

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Professor offers unsettling look at humanity with study of people and their dogs

Jan. 7, 2016—Stories of relationships between dogs and people and actions surrounding those relationships are relayed by Colin Dayan in a new book calling for greater empathy and engagement across class and racial lines.

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Vanderbilt represented at this weekend’s Southern Festival of Books

Oct. 8, 2014—The Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities will co-sponsor a special track of veteran-focused readings, discussions and performances at this year's Southern Festival of Books, which also features appearances by Vanderbilt faculty, staff, students and alumni.

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Yeu-Matchuc brings native dance celebration to Vanderbilt

May. 24, 2013—Yeu-Matchuc will perform ancient songs and dances from the indigenous Yoreme community of Sinaloa, Mexico, June 5 at noon on Vanderbilt University’s Library Lawn.

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Stripped Away

Jun. 2, 2011—There are any number of circumstances in which people can effectively lose some or most of their basic rights, says Colin Dayan, the Robert Penn Warren Professor in the Humanities. In her new research, Dayan argues that the law has been refined so that it can be used to deny the very rights it’s presumably there to protect.

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Video: Black Europe: African Presence in the Formation of Europe

Jul. 21, 2009—Watch a 12-minute documentary film highlighting the newly emergent study of the unique experience of people of African descent in Europe.

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