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Developing robots for the hospital emergency room

Dec. 6, 2010—Are you ready for robots in the ER? A group of computer engineers at Vanderbilt University is convinced that the basic technology is now available to create robot assistants that can perform effectively in the often-chaotic environment of the emergency room. The specialists in emergency medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center are enthusiastic about the...

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Babies learn best from parents, not video

Nov. 10, 2010—New research from Vanderbilt University and the University of Virginia finds that infants learn little to nothing from popular educational videos and learn the most from face-to-face interactions with their parents and other familiar figures.

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Video: Fingers detect typos even when conscious brain doesn’t

Oct. 28, 2010—Media contact: Melanie Moran (615) 322-NEWS melanie.moran@vanderbilt.ed

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Fingers detect typos even when conscious brain doesn’t

Oct. 28, 2010—Expert typists are able to zoom across the keyboard without ever thinking about which fingers are pressing the keys. New research from Vanderbilt University reveals that this skill is managed by an autopilot, one that is able to catch errors that can fool our conscious brain.

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New type of liquid crystal promises to improve performance of digital displays

Oct. 5, 2010—[Note: A multimedia version of this story is available on Exploration, Vanderbilt’s online research magazine.] Chemists at Vanderbilt University have created a new class of liquid crystals with unique electrical properties that could improve the performance of digital displays used on everything from digital watches to flat panel televisions. The achievement, which is the result...

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Vanderbilt, University of Melbourne expand ties

Sep. 21, 2010—Vanderbilt, University of Melbourne expand ties through new research collaborations, exchange programs, office in Washington, D.C. Vanderbilt University and Australia’s University of Melbourne have taken their academic partnership to a new level – committing $500,000 in joint seed funding over the next two years for research collaborations, expanding exchange programs for students, faculty and staff,...

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Vanderbilt plays key role in $20 million federal grant designed to strengthen Tennessee’s R&D infrastructure

Sep. 9, 2010—Five years from now, high school and college students throughout Tennessee should have more and better opportunities to learn about and pursue careers in alternative energy science and technology.

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VUCast Extra: Study shows adolescent hearing loss high

Aug. 17, 2010—Is exposure to loud noise, concerts and mp3 players harmful to your child’s hearing? While the exact cause is unknown, a study by Vanderbilt and Harvard researchers shows the number of young people suffering from hearing loss is increasing at an alarming rate. Find out more about this Journal of the American Medical Association study...

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Why can’t some people put the brakes on impulsive behavior?

Jul. 29, 2010—A group of Vanderbilt researchers analyzed the role of the brain chemical dopamine in impulsivity to discover more precisely what makes some people more susceptible to rash behavior.

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Vanderbilt University study to be most comprehensive look at link between stress and health disparities

Jul. 6, 2010—Vanderbilt University is launching a landmark study in Nashville to look at the role stress plays in the health disparities observed across socioeconomic status and race. The study will seek 1,600 individuals who will be asked to participate in interviews and provide blood and urine samples that will allow the simultaneous assessment of physical, emotional...

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Implicit bias against Latinos affects all immigrants, Vanderbilt research shows

Jul. 1, 2010—Most Americans, despite their best intentions, harbor a negative bias against Latino immigrants, which deeply colors their outlook on policy proposals for immigration reform, according to research findings by Vanderbilt University political scientist Efren Perez. “I found that when the issue of immigration is broached, whether legal or illegal,   many individuals automatically think of Latino...

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Vanderbilt No. 12 on 2010 list of best places for life scientists to work

Jun. 30, 2010—Vanderbilt University was named one of the best places for life scientists to work in academia by The Scientist magazine. It was the seventh time in the eight years of the survey that Vanderbilt was ranked and a substantial improvement from its 2009 ranking. Vanderbilt was ranked No. 12 in a list headed by Princeton...

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