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Race to the Top

Move over ‘value added’: Teacher observation data more useful in human capital decisions

Mar. 12, 2015—Student test scores are less central to principals’ human capital decision-making than teacher observation data.

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Tennessee’s STEM investment showing promise

Dec. 10, 2014—The Tennessee STEM Innovation Network is demonstrating progress, according to a Vanderbilt research study.

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Survey: Majority of Tennessee teachers oppose Common Core

Sep. 24, 2014—Support for Common Core has declined among Tennessee teachers over the past year, according to the results of a new Vanderbilt study.

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Pre-K ‘best practices’ goal of PRI, MNPS team

May. 16, 2014—Vanderbilt’s Peabody Research Institute will collaborate with Metro Schools’ newly appointed director of early learning innovation, Lisa Wiltshire, to create and document a preschool curriculum rooted in play, experimentation and discovery.

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Tennessee teachers positive about Common Core, survey says

Feb. 4, 2014—A majority of Tennessee teachers believe that the implementation of the Common Core State Standards has begun positively but feel more training is in order, according to a broad-based independent survey.

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