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Public lecture on next century in space Oct. 8

Oct. 5, 2015—Gregory Benford, a physicist at UC-Irvine and a noted science fiction author, is giving a free public lecture titled "Our Next Century in Space" that will describe steps that could see the opening of the solar system to productive use and colonization.

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World’s largest atom smashers create world’s smallest droplets

Oct. 2, 2015—Recent experiments at the world's largest atom smashers are producing liquid drops so small that they raise the question of how small a droplet can be and still remain a liquid.

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Bridge student part of team selected as finalist for R&D 100 Awards

Sep. 11, 2015—A doctoral student in the Fisk-Vanderbilt Master's-to-Ph.D. Bridge Program has helped develop a new kind of detector with potential applications in medical diagnostics and national security.

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Eight Vanderbilt researchers named ‘Inspiring Women in STEM’

Aug. 17, 2015—The award honors highly accomplished women working in science, technology, engineering or mathematics who have made a positive impact on the trajectories of other women thinking about or newly embarking on STEM careers.

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New model of cosmic stickiness favors “Big Rip” demise of universe

Jun. 30, 2015—A Vanderbilt team of scientists have developed a new formulation for cosmic viscosity which strongly favors the "Big Rip" end of the universe.

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Vanderbilt physicists appear on BBC News website

Jun. 4, 2015—Three Vanderbilt physicists who are members of a scientific team at the Large Hadron Collider appeared in a BBC News photo taken when the giant particle smasher was restarted.

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World’s smallest spirals could guard against identity theft

Jun. 2, 2015—Vanderbilt researchers have made the world’s smallest spirals and found they have unique optical properties that are nearly impossible to counterfeit.

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TSU, Vanderbilt win nearly $1 million to increase minority STEM Ph.D.s

Apr. 27, 2015—Increasing the number of minority students who earn a Ph.D. in science, technology, engineering and math is the aim of a new “bridge to doctorate” program being launched by a coalition of Tennessee universities and led by Tennessee State University and Vanderbilt University.

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The Conversation: Robert Scherrer on dark energy

Apr. 24, 2015—Explainer: the mysterious dark energy that speeds the universe’s rate of expansion

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NSF research grant goes to 16 Vanderbilt graduate students

Apr. 8, 2015—The grant program is aimed at aiding individuals who have demonstrated notable potential early in their research career, as well as promoting diversity in the sciences.

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Dyer Observatory celebrates 25 years of the Hubble Space Telescope

Apr. 8, 2015—Dyer will celebrate a quarter-century of groundbreaking science and images with an open house and two lectures by Hubble Space Telescope project scientist and Vanderbilt astrophysicist C.R. O'Dell.

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Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Theory of Relativity at Dyer April 8

Apr. 1, 2015—To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the theory’s publication, Dyer Observatory will host a talk by "What is Relativity?" author Jeffrey Bennett on April 8.

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