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Kelly Haws

The ‘clean plate’ mentality drives us to overeat. To-go bags can help.

Nov. 27, 2018—We’re more likely to overeat when we only have a little bit of food left over, and we justify it by convincing ourselves it’s not as unhealthy as it is, according to new research by marketing professor Kelly Haws.

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New endowed chair holders in A&S, Law, Medicine and Owen honored

Sep. 18, 2018—Eight Vanderbilt professors who are the university’s newest endowed chair holders were celebrated during a ceremony on Monday at the Student Life Center attended by their colleagues, family members and donors.

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Consumer decisions influenced by parenting stereotypes, even among non-parents

Jun. 6, 2018—New research from Vanderbilt University Marketing Professor Kelly Haws explains how “caretaker” and “breadwinner” roles affect consumer decision-making.

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Consumers focus on food types, not portions, when it comes to perceived healthiness

May. 18, 2018—New research from Vanderbilt University finds that consumers lose sight of caloric intake when they think they’re eating healthy foods.

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Sticker shock: How price awareness can curb consumer enjoyment

Apr. 7, 2017—Everyone has experienced the unpleasant shock of a high price tag before buying something. But it turns out that price can have an impact on consumer perceptions even after a purchase is made.

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The myth that healthy foods cost more may have a negative impact on consumer choices

Dec. 1, 2016—The idea that healthy foods are universally more expensive drives consumer choices to a degree that it shouldn’t, according to a new Vanderbilt study.

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Price determines whether calorie information sways consumer choices

Feb. 9, 2016—The perception of a good deal can lead consumers down an unhealthy path, according to a study from a Vanderbilt business school professor.

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TIPSHEET: Vanderbilt experts available to discuss holiday marketing, retail and IT security trends

Dec. 7, 2015—Vanderbilt experts are available to discuss holiday marketing, retail and IT security trends.

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Those who dwell on their past might be doomed to repeat their mistakes

Sep. 10, 2015—New research shows that focusing on past behaviors is not always the best strategy to avoid repeating mistakes.

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A wingman can help when trying to resist sweet holiday treats

Dec. 10, 2014—Need some help resisting those fattening cakes and cookies this holiday season? One difference maker could be the company you keep at holiday parties.

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Feeling lucky? Many loyal consumers do, despite the facts

Oct. 8, 2014—Consumers who perceive themselves as loyal customers to a particular company often believe that they have better than average odds to win contests and sweepstakes that are entirely random.

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VUCast: Bully Battle

Sep. 10, 2014—In this VUCast: See a trauma physician's innovative way to stop bullying; why your brain only needs a little junk food to be satisfied; and two reason why Vanderbilt is happy. Watch now!

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