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Freedom Forum

Seigenthaler made Vanderbilt home to First Amendment Center; university gained a legend

Jul. 11, 2014—John Seigenthaler, eminent journalist and civil rights champion, has died.

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Speaking Freely

Dec. 5, 2011—The First Amendment Center marks 20 years of supporting our nation’s basic freedoms Protesters camp out in front of a government building and are arrested. A celebrity spouts off to a reporter and loses his endorsement deal. A network TV executive refuses to air a music video she deems indecent. Was the First Amendment violated?...

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James C. Duff named Freedom Forum president and CEO

Jun. 6, 2011—The Freedom Forum, which operates the Newseum in Washington, D.C., and the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt has named James C. Duff as its next president and chief executive officer. Duff, 57, is the chief administrative officer of the U.S. court system. Since his appointment in 2006 by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., he...

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