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Vanderbilt, American Talent Initiative mark progress in expanding higher-education access

Feb. 21, 2020—Vanderbilt University‚Äôs efforts to improve access to higher education through its alliance with the American Talent Initiative is showing dividends as the initiative reports that it is on track to enroll 50,000 more lower-income students at top colleges and universities by the year 2025. An annual progress update was released by ATI on Feb. 19.

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Apply for Experience Vanderbilt 2020 Executive Board by Jan. 26

Jan. 17, 2020—Applications for the 2020 Executive Board are now open. All students who are passionate about financial inclusivity are encouraged to apply.

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Improving financial inclusion and community, one experience at a time

Dec. 2, 2019—A student-led, university-supported initiative called Experience Vanderbilt is working to minimize the monetary constraints associated with participating in extracurriculars and create more financial inclusion at the university.

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Experience Vanderbilt funding for 2019-20 open to students

Sep. 9, 2019—Experience Vanderbilt provides students who qualify for need-based financial aid with up to $500 for extracurricular experiences or an event pass to purchase tickets for on-campus events. The upperclass application for 2019-20 is open until Friday, Sept. 13. The first-year and transfer student application is open Sept. 30-Oct. 18.

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Experience Vanderbilt funding for 2018-19 open to students

Aug. 31, 2018—Students eligible for need-based financial aid may apply for and receive up to $500 in Experience Vanderbilt funding to participate in registered student organizations¬†and official university programs.

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