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Department of Biochemistry

Basic science, extraordinary impact

Oct. 6, 2016—The discoveries that can change the course of human health forever often begin in the tiniest places: in molecules and cells, at the most fundamental intersection of physics, chemistry and biology. Understanding how these cellular and molecular processes work is the focus of basic biomedical research at Vanderbilt.

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Melanie Ohi presents ‘Frontiers in Biochemistry’ seminar Oct. 21

Oct. 6, 2016—Melanie Ohi, who holds a primary appointment in the Department of Cell and Development Biology, presents the next "Frontiers in Biochemistry" seminar Oct. 21.

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Study reveals new clues to cystic fibrosis ‘gender gap’

Sep. 15, 2016—A research team led by structural biologists from Vanderbilt University has come up with the first detailed molecular explanation for a factor that may contribute to the so-called cystic fibrosis (CF) “gender gap.”

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In search of new cancer targets

Sep. 9, 2016—Vanderbilt researchers developed a new algorithm to find clinically targetable gene rearrangements in cancers.

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Osheroff to direct Academy for Excellence in Education

Jul. 21, 2016—Neil Osheroff, Ph.D., has been named director of the Academy for Excellence in Education. He succeeds Lillian Nanney, Ph.D., who served as director since the Academy’s inception in 2007.

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How strep grabs on to platelets

Apr. 20, 2016—New structural details of the binding of the bacterium Streptococcus sanguinis to platelets may offer new therapeutics for life-threatening cardiovascular infections.

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New role identified for p73 gene

Apr. 1, 2016—The p73 gene is required for the generation of cilia – hair-like projections on cells – findings that could have implications for the study of lung diseases and sterility.

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Cunningham Award winner

Mar. 17, 2016—Lisa Poole, a graduate student in the lab of David Cortez, Ph.D., received the 2016 Leon W. Cunningham Award for Excellence in Biochemistry last week during the Biochemistry Department’s annual retreat at the Student Life Center.

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Inaugural Stanley Cohen Lecture is March 4

Feb. 23, 2016—Ray Stevens, the Provost Professor of Chemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Southern California, presents the inaugural Stanley Cohen Lecture Friday, March 4.

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Inaugural Richard Armstrong Lecture in biochemistry is Feb. 26

Feb. 19, 2016—Please join us as Dr. Benjamin F. Cravatt III of the Scripps Research Institute presents the inaugural Richard Armstrong Lecture Friday, Feb. 26, from noon to 1 p.m. in Light Hall, Room 214.

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Slight chemical change may improve TB treatments: study

Feb. 11, 2016—One small chemical change to an existing antibacterial drug results in a compound that is more effective against its target enzyme in tuberculosis, Vanderbilt researchers have discovered.

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Faulty building blocks in DNA

Jan. 22, 2016—An enzyme that builds DNA is able to insert the wrong building blocks, which could generate mutations.

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