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Summer Institute to engage community on racial justice

May. 30, 2018—Five free public events are part of the Summer Institute presented by Vanderbilt's Public Theology and Racial Justice Collaborative June 4-8.

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Vanderbilt Debate hosts Ireland’s top college debaters

Apr. 4, 2018—Vanderbilt Debate hosted three top debaters from University College Dublin for a spirited exhibition debate at the First Amendment Center on whether social media enhances or undermines democracy.

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Tolerance, participation in local government up in the Americas

Sep. 26, 2017—New data gathered by the Latin American Political Opinion Project (LAPOP) include some upticks but also discouraging news about the state of democracy in the Americas.

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Rebuilding middle class is the key to preserving democracy

Mar. 24, 2017—Law professor Ganesh Sitaraman: "Our Constitution wasn’t designed for a country with significant economic inequality."

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Understanding political polarization in legislatures

Feb. 8, 2017—Too many safe seats, partisan voters and "wave" elections all influence how polarized a legislature is.

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Can you handle the truth about democracy?

Jun. 22, 2016—Election outcomes depend far less on voters' opinions on policy and the incumbents than we thought. What does matter? Weather.

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Public support for democracy endures in Venezuela

Mar. 12, 2013—The collapse of the party system and high levels of crime and corruption in Venezuela have not dimmed public support for democracy in that country, according to a survey by the Latin American Public Opinion Project at Vanderbilt.

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