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classical music

Blair School of Music composer hits No. 1 with neo-romantic music

Aug. 18, 2017—Blair's Kurek hits No. 1 on the classical music chart with his album 'The Sea Knows.'

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Vanderbilt students put a ‘Nashville’ twist on the alma mater

Apr. 27, 2016—Watch what happens when more than 100 Vanderbilt students, along with University News and Communications, team up for a fresh new take on the university's alma mater.

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New research puts spotlight on neglected American composers of the 19th century

Dec. 9, 2015—Vanderbilt music professor Doug Shadle wants American composers of the 19th century to finally get a fair hearing, more than a hundred years after they lived and worked.

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Opera on the Mountain returns to Dyer Observatory June 2

May. 16, 2012—Members of the Nashville Opera will be the featured performers at the third Opera on the Mountain concert Saturday, June 2, at Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory. The performance will include selections from Guys and Dolls, Camelot and Phantom of the Opera.

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How to Listen to Classical Music: Bang That Drum

Mar. 7, 2011—Watch video of the March 3 presentation, “Bang That Drum.” Mitchell Korn presents the oldest and most enduring of all instruments – the drum – and its percussion sisters and brothers are investigated through group performance, exploration and play. Everything from small bells to snare drums, and to large marimbas and vibraphones are all dissected and...

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How to Listen to Classical Music: Brash Brass and the Mighty Winds

Feb. 22, 2011—Watch video of the Feb. 17, 2011, class, “Brash Brass and the Mighty Winds.” Mitchell Korn introduces to class participants the range, construction, sound production and history of brass and wind instruments. From conch shell and hunting horns to modern trumpets, oboes and horns, class participants get to blow as hard as they like as...

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How to Listen to Classical Music: What Does A Conductor Actually Do?

Feb. 8, 2011—Watch video of the Feb. 3, 2011, class, “What Does A Conductor Actually Do?” Giancarlo Guerrero leads a penetrating and intimate exploration of the role and responsibilities of the symphonic conductor. Through the use of personal stories, DVDs, recordings and demonstration, class participants learn firsthand the actual components of the conductor’s leadership and job requirements....

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How to Listen to Classical Music: String Things

Jan. 31, 2011—Watch the Jan. 27, 2011, talk “String Things,” part of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Mitchell Korn leads a participatory and in-depth exploration of orchestral string instruments: their construction; sound production; techniques and histories. Audience members try out various instruments and directly participate in the joys, frustrations and challenges of instrumental study and accomplishment. The...

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How to Listen to Classical Music: Symphony 101

Jan. 25, 2011—Watch video of the class “Symphony 101,” held Jan. 20, 2011. Giancarlo Guerrero, music director and conductor of the Nashville Symphony, leads an engaging and invigorating discussion about the elements and structure of the music of the symphony orchestra. What is a symphony? Maestro Guerrero will dissect the symphonic form exploring scherzo, minuet, theme and...

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How to Listen to Classical Music: The Musician’s World

Jan. 25, 2011—Watch video of the Jan. 13, 2011, class “The Musician’s World.” Mitchell Korn explores the mind set, culture, training, daily preparation and perspectives of the symphonic musician. Audience members learn about rehearsal regiments, the role of the musician’s teacher(s); the complexity of musical and intellectual tasks; and the challenges of weekly learning and performing tremendous...

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DBR: The new face of classical music

Jan. 13, 2011—He’s played with everyone from Lady Gaga to Dizzy Gillespie. Vanderbilt graduate Daniel Bernard Roumain, better known as DBR, composes classical music with a modern, sometimes hip-hop twist, with his instrument of choice, the violin. DBR came back to Nashville to teach Vanderbilt students and kids at the W.O Smith Music School. VUCast spent some...

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