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brett benson

Stars collide: How a Vanderbilt political scientist ended up on a Chinese reality show—and Vanderbilt found a star freshman

Mar. 21, 2018—Ten Chinese high school students competing for an invitation to apply to an English-speaking college. Five judges from elite universities. How a Vanderbilt professor discovered one amazing freshman.

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Impact Symposium lectures tackle American foreign policy March 19-21

Mar. 16, 2012—IMPACT Symposium will take place March 19-21. This year’s theme is “Rise of the Rest: What is the Future of American Foreign Policy?” Delivering public lectures will be United States Sen. Lamar Alexander; retired Gen. Wesley Clark; Jon Huntsman, the former Utah governor who has served as ambassador to Singapore and China and was a...

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Bias against Mormonism may not keep Romney out of White House

Jan. 18, 2012—New Vanderbilt research shows that though the Republican base is generally biased against Mormonism, Mitt Romney’s religion would not hurt his chances among the GOP faithful as a presidential candidate in the general election.

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Vanderbilt experts discuss hot-button issues tied to GOP presidential debates

Jan. 12, 2012—Vanderbilt experts are available to discuss negative campaigning, religious bias among candidates, patriotism and the Bible, the GOP's stance on immigration and how to eliminate bias in political polling.

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Religious bias still hurdle for presidential candidates, study shows

Jun. 2, 2011—Research by Vanderbilt and Claremont political scientists show a significant number of American voters remain biased against Mormons and other religious minorities.

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China and U.S. security subject of Vanderbilt panel discussion

Sep. 23, 2010—Retired admiral and former ambassador to China to moderate event An Oct. 22 panel discussion at Vanderbilt University led by retired Adm. Joseph Wilson Prueher will focus on China’s role on the world’s stage and its implications for U.S. security policy. The second annual Security Symposium, sponsored by Vanderbilt’s Naval ROTC, will take place from...

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